Old Navy has come under fire recently for their plus size pricing of women’s clothing. Renee Posey recently noticed that at Old Navy, the plus size jeans cost $12-15 more than the smaller sizes, but men’s pricing stayed the same not matter the size. Old Navy came back and said that they use more flattering material in their plus size collection for women that is the reason for the price increase. I do see Posey’s point. I think it should be fair across the board. Something does bother me about the whole thing though. So when I looked online at the Old Navy store I noticed the more expensive plus size jeans were $40 on sale. A similar pair of jeans at Lane Bryant is $80. Before I get into this, I do not want to hear about the whole technology of Lane Bryant’s jeans. You are talking to a man […]

Mr. Miller,   I have heard that you are a weight loss expert. You have helped people throughout the world lose weight with your magical hypnosis. You have been featured on numerous television shows in the UK, and I even saw that you call yourself ‘The Simon Cowell Of Weight Loss.” I am questioning your nickname since Simon Cowell is a very smart man. You have recently been featured in the Mail Online article about banning “fat people” from fast food restaurants. Banning people from food is your magical solution to helping the obesity epidemic. You have said serving an overweight person is comparable to serving an intoxicated person. Well, I would argue with you since a drunk person could hurt others. Not sure how a McNugget is going to harm other people other than your theory of obesity. By the way, pretty sure thin people get sick as well. […]

Dear Chicho, I remember when you first wrote on my wall. It was on June 27th of this year… I cannot answer every comment or message. Most of the time I do not know how to answer weight loss questions. I do not know the best way to eat. I know what works for me, but it might not work for others. I have no idea which workout is the best for you. I know what worked for me. I also know the only way I know how to help is by telling my story. I do know what it is like to be over 400 pounds. I know what it is like to feel like to be lost. You were not lost. You dropped 30 lbs. and were ready for this journey. You did not need my advice. You had a little doubt, but I was not concerned. Most of […]

To the woman who said “good luck fat boy” to me at the gym, I heard your comment while I was getting on the Stairmaster next to you. Although I had my headphones on, there was no music playing. I saw you look at me and then say “good luck fat boy” while you were looking down. I wish I could say you were the first person to call me fat, but alas, you are not. For over thirty years, I have been called every fat reference. I applaud the most creative ones like Fatasaurus and The Eighth Continent. I remember as a kid always trying to defend myself. I would say I am not fat and then look down at the evidence in front of me. So I became good at comebacks. I knew how to hurt people with words just like they did to me. I was very […]

Today is my wife’s birthday. We have spent fourteen birthdays together. Some have been good and some could have been better. It is the one day I wish I was a romantic. I am not. Either way I usually buy some flowers and cards in the morning. Well, today I could not leave the house. My wife is at work and the baby is under the weather. She is feeling better but still not 100% from her cold. Last night I put on Facebook a request for all to wish my wife a happy birthday. It was pretty cool. It got a lot of responses. Since I could not go out this morning I wanted to do something fun. i wanted to see if I could get celebrities to tweet a “Happy Birthday” to my wife. It is very tricky when you do that. You have to be selective. Celebrities can […]

It was October of 2007. I came home at 3:15am from working late. I usually came home around 1am. My boss took some time to show me a few financial reports about the restaurant. After being branded “Lazy” at work, I did whatever I could to lose that title. I came home around 3:15 and the dog were not barking. She was in my wife’s lap, with tears in her eyes. I did not understand why. When I explained to her that I was not cheating or doing something I was not supposed to, she just said, “I do not want to be a widow so young.” She thought I had died or had a heart attack. I could I dispute it. I was coughing blood; I had numbness in my arms. There was no way I could convince her otherwise. She cared about my health, more than I did. […]