Stu Whitney is the sports editor of the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He has been known to write some brash and abrasive things in the past but mainly about sports. The other day he got frustrated because he was stuck in traffic. He got stuck because of an event called Hot Harley Nights. He decided to take his frustrations out on Twitter. Hot Harley Nights is in its 19th year. Last year it had over 4000 motorcycles from 13 states. It had over 35,000 spectators and has over 50 corporate sponsors. It has raised over two million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The event has made thousands of kids dreams come true. It has impacted lives. A few people got upset and Mr. Whitney quickly deleted his tweet. He sent out a tweet saying that he apologized and he will either keep his mouth shut or go […]

Bethenny Frankel was in the news the other day. She posted a picture on Instagram of herself in a Hello Kitty outfit. The outfit belonged to her four-year-old daughter Bryn. The Internet exploded with comments about body image and eating disorders. One woman said “This makes me sick to my stomach #eatsomething”. Another said she was starting her daughter off early with a body complex. Meghan McCain of The View called her “absolutely irresponsible”. Some realized it was a joke. Others, who knew of Bethenny’s admissions to eating disorders and dieting did not feel that way. I wondered if I could fit into my son’s clothing. He is five and he is rather thin. I am old and not so thin. So I told my wife about the project and she told me no. “You will stretch out his shirts. Do not try it.” I looked through his shirts and […]

I want to put a stop to the fashion industry using size zero models or models with an unhealthy BMI (under 18.5) on the catwalk, in major advertising campaigns and in fashion in general.- Katie Green on her “Say No To Size Zero” campaign. J.Crew has just announced a “000” size for women. It is getting harsh criticism in the media. Rachel Ray has talked about how disgusting it is. Others have said how ridiculous it is. Why do we need to go into negative numbers in size? Why do we need to promote unhealthy women? J.Crew states that it is for boosting sales in Asia. What it does is brings us back to what size does a real woman wear. Well, what about a woman who can wear a size zero? Candice did not struggle with her weight growing up. She was a very active woman. She loved to […]

The post I‘ve Taught My Daughter to Hate made me think. The post is about a mom who taught her daughter to “hate” certain things like fast food and smoking. She said that she let her daughter know about the evils of both and that her daughter’s “hate” was on her own. The author then contradicted herself saying that she hated the word “hate” and she did not want her daughter to “hate” or judge people yet did not mind her giving a nasty face to someone smoking or yelling at a fast food establishment. The article was originally called I Taught My Daughter Some Things Are OK to “Hate”. A woman named Sunny Chanel who writes frequently for wrote it. She also wrote an open letter to her husband about getting a dog. I do not think her most recent post was supposed to be a controversial piece. It […]

Dear Linda Kelsey, I read your post about how you are disgusted by overweight young girls. You cherry picked statistics, made weird claims about young girls, tried to say how one eating disorder is better than the other and that the way to solve obesity in young women is to call a fat girl a fat girl. I have written about this before but I thought I would respond to you in the only way I could. In your article you claimed you did not have a daughter. Good! Cheers, Tony Posnanski

Julie is well aware of the looks she gets in the grocery store. She knows that people will get upset when her coupons come out. It will hold up the checkout line. She will take away minutes from others day. Last week she went to ShopRite. When she was checking out, an elderly man got irate. He did not understand why she had so many coupons. He got angry and started to raise his voice. He was upset that Julie was holding up the line with coupons. Julie is a nicely dressed woman. She is college educated. The man did not understand why a woman needed so many coupons. When she left the store, Julie wrote a letter to the man to explain that you cannot judge a book by its cover. To the older gentleman who was behind me at the ShopRite in Cinnaminson, NJ, I am sorry for […]