I have been married for 11 years now. My brother has been married for over 15 years. My parents have been married for over 50 years and my in laws will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year. Today I heard about “Divorce Parties“. A big lavish party celebrating divorce. A celebration of a marriage that went sour. Drinking and eating after signing a lot of papers. Believe it or not, I agree with these parties. I do not think people should stay together if they are not happy. I do not think a woman should be with a man who hits her and a man should not be with a woman who cheats on him. I think that it is easy to say that marriage is a life long commitment but much harder to accomplish if things are not going right. I am not saying that divorce should […]

Dear Emily Yoffe (AKA Dear Prudence), I wanted to write you this letter to thank you. I am sure you get a lot of these letters since you deal with giving advice all of the time. I am also sure you get your share of letters disagreeing with you. I will be honest; I do not read your advice column that often. A lot of times the topics do not interest me, so I skip them on my Facebook feed. You have said things in the past that I do not agree with. We do not share the same views on many topics. I will say, I do agree with your advice on fat shaming. About a month ago I saw a Dear Prudence called Butter Brawl. A woman wrote to you about her Thanksgiving dinner. She said that her cousin, who recently lost a lot of weight, was giving […]

Dear Gold, I assume Gold is your name since I heard you say that this is your gym. I heard you telling your friends that you hated when the “newbies” come to your gym after New Years Day. You were telling your friends that the “newbies” are not serious about their fitness, they will quit in two weeks, and they know nothing about working out. For you, it is just a huge pain. I am one of the “newbies”. You could probably tell by my brand new gym clothes that I have not set foot in a gym before. I am the one that thought I could lift 60 pounds on some shoulder machine…but could not. I am the one that went from treadmill to treadmill because I had no idea how to turn them on. I am the one that did not wipe my machine down right after using […]

“Every year People magazine comes out with people who are “half their weight!!!” Under it, they say, “no surgery, no gimmicks!” Like its a bad thing. I’ve seen people who are into the whole health/fitness thing (lots are personal trainers) they say bad things about it. Like how dangerous it is, and how proper nutrition and exercise is the only way to do it. It’s sad. It’s ignorance as well. It undermines everything I went through on my journey.”- Amy   Nothing has been easy for Amy. She has been dealing with weight issues since the age of 10. Then when she turned 25 she found herself over 300 pounds.   She was miserable. She desperately wanted to take the weight off, so she tried different things. She tracked all of her food. She got a personal trainer. She tried Atkins for a little bit. She tried only to eat […]

  Beverly went to the gym for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She weighed around 340 pounds and wanted to add a little fitness to her life. She walked in and felt out of place. She felt like everyone was looking at her. This is not like Beverly, who is a confident woman. But she realized that everyone was looking at her just like she was looking at them. She decided to go on the treadmill. She went on for fifteen minutes. Beverly felt out of place, but she kept going. After going for fifteen minutes, she wanted to do something else. They were starting a kettlebell class. She decided to try it out. She felt out of place in the class. She felt awkward and uncoordinated, but she gave it her all. About halfway through the class she could not do anymore. She went to sit […]

Mark, Once again, I would like to wish you a happy 18th birthday. I know you told me three times it was your birthday yesterday. I know you said three times that you turned 18, and I know you said that your name was Mark. Every time you said it made me smile more, and it made your whole family smile as well. Yesterday did not start off well at work for me.  I walked in and upset a woman because her burger was not as juicy as the last time she got it. Although I apologized and offered to make a new one, she was upset and refused another burger. I could not make her happy. Then a guest wanted to drink an alcoholic beverage using a bent, expired identification card. I told him he was unable to serve him and apologized. He got mad and left. I could […]