“What is the best diet out there? Well, it is the one you are successful with. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.” – Tony Posnanski   It was around February of 2009. After a year of dieting, I had some impressive stats. Well, incredible stats actually. 52 Weeks 221.4 Pounds lost From size 60 pants to 32 From 5XL to a medium Workout twice a day Not only that, but I was huge with Weight Watchers. I weighed in every week. I went to meetings every week. I was all over their forum boards as well. Honestly, I was Weight Watchers. It was not a diet, it was a lifestyle. It was just like they said on TV. And in my mind it was the only way to lose weight! At the time I worked as a Managing Partner for a restaurant. One I thankfully no longer work for. […]

Dan Thorn and Sarah Pisciuneri are news anchors for WVNS in West Virginia. They have recently gone viral for their dance videos. His first one is to a T.I. song… And the next one is Dan dancing to Taylor Swift while Sarah looks irritated. The videos are great because Sarah Pisciuneri looks uninterested. It looks like Dan is just trying to get her to laugh and the cameras are moving to the beat as well. In my opinion, Sarah makes the whole video. Dan tries and tries to get her to participate but she looks to be more interested in her hair and her iPad. You can tell she is really trying to to laugh. I mean, she does have a sense of humor. It became an Internet sensation. There was a cool part I found today that many people did not see. Sarah and Dan have worked together for a while now and […]

Victoria’s Secret has recently come under fire for their perfect “body” campaign. It was an attempt to showcase their “Body by Victoria” bras. They claim that these bras have perfect coverage and they fit perfectly. Yet, if you did not know all of this, you would just see a lot of women who look similar and the words “The Perfect Body” plastered on it. When they posted the ad, there was a lot of online backlash. So much, in fact, that they have now changed it online to “A Body For Every Body” using the same picture. Victoria’s Secret changed it without any explanation. They never issued a statement. They never said why it was changed. Obviously they felt online pressure. That bothers me a little. I do not think they should have changed it. Instead, I think they should have kept the slogan and described what a perfect body truly […]

To the hater at Jessica’s gym, First and foremost congratulations on your fitness success. I have heard that you work out extremely hard, and you are in exquisite shape. I would like to tell you that your success does not make it right to insults other successes. You are a master at the gym, you should probably make people feel at home there. You probably do not remember, but a month ago you worked out next to a woman named Jessica. It was her first time at the gym. Although she has been running for a while, she wanted to add some cross training to her workouts. She was polite and asked if she could use the treadmill next to your elliptical. You shrugged your shoulders. Then when she was running you looked at her and made the remark that she must have just started running. Your friend nodded. When […]

Tonya Williamson of Orlando, Florida loves dogs, especially Rottweilers. She travels all over the east coast with her dogs to enter them in shows. Her dogs do very well. She recently showed her dogs at the Brandon Kennel Club this past week. Her dogs had a real good showing. One of them won “Best In Breed” and the other dogs placed. She was waiting for pictures of the show in the mail. When she got the mail, she found a letter than had her name and address on it and saw, it came from the same area. When she opened the envelope, she found something different… Dear Mrs. Williamson, Is this any of my business? NO? Am I showing my nose into your personal life? YES! Do I care how you feel about my interjection of facts about you? NO! Why am I doing this? Quite frankly I am not […]

Dear Jetstar, I see that there is a story going around about one of your passengers (Rich) who sat next to a “baby hippopotamus”. It went viral last year and is going viral again. In the letter, Rich said that he was engulfed by a fat man; your flight attendants did not care, and he had a horrible flight. Well, there is a lot more to the story. Much more. Take it from me. I am the so-called baby hippo who was sitting next to Rich. I was the man who smelled bad, smelled like cheese, and sat there like the world owed me a bigger seat. Except that is not the case at all. Let me tell you the true story. I was once over 400 pounds. When I was, I ALWAYS bought two seats because I have respect for people. Why would I want someone to feel weird […]