To the man who does not like kids, I saw you at the restaurant the other night. My wife was at the hotel with our baby so my son and I met up with our family. My son was not misbehaving but he was impatient. He was tugging on my shirt and asking me when was his food arriving. He was pouting a little bit. He kept on asking to use my iPhone to play a game. He was not yelling but he was a little louder than normal. You kept on looking at me. You were giving me those nasty looks. I have seen them numerous times when I manage a restaurant. I saw you get a manager and I knew you asked if you could move away from us. We were bothering you. You were able to move you to another area away from my son. I am […]

I am not a Twitter person. I actually do not like Twitter at all. Sending out tweets is like throwing pebbles at Mount Everest. No one ever hears what you have to say, you have a limited amount of characters, and it is hard to keep up. Even when I am funny no one responds… I set 11 alarms on my iPhone. You know, just in case the first 10 do not wake me up. — Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) September 9, 2014 Maybe not that funny, but I am trying! My work is on a huge Twitter kick. They are asking everyone to try Twitter to promote our latest initiative, which is an extremely good cause. So I have decided to dust it off and try it again. I started a couple of days ago. I was tweeting and not getting any reactions. I would use the specific hashtags for work […]

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Ray Rice — ELEVATOR KNOCKOUT … Fiancee Takes Crushing Punch [Video] – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe On Friday of this week Ray Rice will go back to the NFL. He will fulfill his two game suspension for a domestic violence charge. He was accused of hitting his then fiancé Janay Palmer. There was partial video evidence on TMZ of Ray Rice dragging out a knocked out Janay from an elevator. The Baltimore Ravens did not levy any sanctions against him. They waited for the NFL to punish Ray. Janay and Ray were both charged with domestic violence. Rice pleaded not guilty and he did not go to trial. He was charged with third-degree aggravated assault and is also doing an intervention program. The NFL came to the conclusion that Ray should be suspended for two games. Two games. There second game […]

Your browser does not support iframes. You never get to hear about the good kids out there. In yesterday’s Red Sox game, Christian Vazquez hit a foul ball. The ball girl got it and gave it to a young man in the front row who was calling for the ball. Watch what he did immediately after receiving the ball. He handed it to the girl behind him. The announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo were impressed. They each gave him a ball. The young man also received a gift bag where he gave some of the items to the girl behind him as well. Real nice video to watch.

Watch more news videos | Latest world news Devon Still was considered one of the best defensive tackles in the country coming out of college in 2012. He was a consensus All-American for Penn State University. He was highly recruited and was drafted in the second round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012. Injuries plagues his career. Devon was only able to play in 18 games over the last two years in the NFL and registered 28 tackles and only half a sack. This year his heart was not into the game. He did not give 100% on the field. He couldn’t. He was cut from the Bengals this year. His mind was not on the game. His mind was on his daughter. Leah was diagnosed with stage four pediatric cancer in June of this year. She is receiving medical care in Philadelphia where there is a slightly better than 50 […]

There is nothing good about this story. In Bay Village, Ohio a 15 year old child with Autism was tricked into making a supposed Ice Bucket video. He was invited over to a supposed friend’s house to make the video. He was asked to strip down to his underwear. He was then doused with feces, urine, cigarette butts and other disgusting items. The young man who is not being named in the media at this time did not want to tell his family what happened. It was only when the bullies posted the video on Instagram and a real friend told the parents of the victim. The police are working with the superintendent of the school system to get justice for the young man. I truly hope that this young man gets the justice he deserves. The family is asking for the video to be shared. They want to make […]