Dear Chuck Runyon (CEO Of Anytime Fitness), I know that you have heard every excuse over the last twenty years. People have told you that they are too busy to join your gym. People have said that they do not have time to workout. People have told you that your gym is too expensive. People have told you reasons why they will not workout. You hate excuses. I know that from talking to you. You have put every excuse aside to build one of the biggest gyms brands in the world. You have over 1800 gyms in numerous countries. You have fought personal battles, competition and the economy to stay on top. Excuses are not in your DNA. I am not going to lie; excuses are not in my DNA either. Not anymore. I know that I will succeed and struggle in life. I know that if I fail, I […]

You will not believe this! The other day I went to the grocery story. It was in the morning, and I had a ton of things to do that day. I picked up a few things that my family needed and was ready to check out. The lines were long. I had nowhere to go but was impatient. Only three cashiers were working at a busy grocery store. They could have had more at that time. All of a sudden I noticed that the “10 items or less” speedy checkout lane was not busy. There were only a couple of people in that line. I counted the items in my basket. I had 11 items. I needed everything that I got though. I could not come home without them. I had to get 11 items. I thought about it. Does it really matter if I have 11 items in the […]

At Bingham High School in Utah, 11 girls were sent home for their homecoming dresses. They were asked to twirl around when they came in, sit against the wall and then were given the option to wear a sweater or go home and change. Here is an example of one of the dresses. These stories are coming out every year. It is always the same. A girl wears a dress to a dance; an administrator tells her she cannot wear a dress. The girl puts a picture online; it goes viral, and the school stands by their decision. Here is my thought. Why aren’t we punishing the horny men for their improper thoughts? Before I get started with this, let me mention that if you are saying “Girls did not dress like this when I was young,” you are a liar. The miniskirt was popular in the 1960’s; hot pants […]

I am a huge fan of Tara and Monika. They founded Glam Runner, which makes tutus for runners. They have made thousands of tutus and also have raised money for Girls on the Run in San Diego. Earlier this year, Self Magazine asked Monika if they could use on of her pictures for an upcoming issue. She said yes, of course, and was excited to see her picture highlighted for all to see. Little did she know that her picture was used in their “BS section” making fun of tutus and Monika’s journey. It caused a backlash because, well, tutus are awesome. In fact, running in whatever is awesome. So it is funny how tutus are being insulted again. A week ago a clothing company called The Clymb posted an article on their blog called “5 Running Fads That Have Passed (So Let Them Go)” by Audra Rundle. It features […]

Vani Hari, otherwise known as the Food Babe, is known to discover the “truth” when it comes to food. As it says on her blog… Through reading the investigations and information I post on, you can expect to learn the truth about harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid the stuff the food industry is trying to hide! You will also learn how to make the right purchasing decisions in the grocery store so that you can create a life long habit of choosing healthy food. She is controversial as well. While some love her others think that her investigations are over the top and uneducated. About a month ago she came out to tell everyone the truth about Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. She let everyone know that there is no pumpkin in it and dissected it so that people knew what was in it. She said […]

To the “Used Kleenex” lady, First off I want you to know you made my day. It was only a year ago that I started to write about topics outside of weight loss. I got a lot of criticism for it. People unliked my page. People told me I was an idiot and people said that my opinion was not needed. Post by Tony “The Anti-Jared” Posnanski. Today I put up a status about topics to write about. I put up some items from the news. It was the first time that out of 100 comments, zero asked me to write about weight loss. Zero told me my opinion did not matter and zero said they were unliking my page. Your comment stuck out. You wrote… You could write about used Kleenex and it would be worth reading! Yes, I mean it! That made me feel good. So I am […]