I did not enjoy being a chef. I did it for seven years and was miserable the whole time. One perk about being a chef is that it is the only job where it was okay to be over 400 pounds. People knew that you cared about the food. Well, maybe a little too much. When you are a 400-pound chef, no one forgets you. They look at you and shake your hand and ask how everything tasted that day. I have heard “I bet the food is great, look how big he is,” more than once. I have also heard “Hey fat boy,” and “Big Boy, how are you doing?” Luckily those were rare although I am sure many had those thoughts. I was actually a pretty good chef. I traveled to a few restaurants in Florida to help fix their kitchens. I ran really good costs and I […]

I have good kids. They behave, they listen for the most part, and they are friendly. So the other day my wife went to work. I was home with my one-year-old daughter. We were playing and dancing and then she napped. There is not a lot of exciting things you can do with a one-year-old. My son started pre-school this year. He is in a new school and so far he loves it. He is excited to go every day. Every time I pick him up the teachers tell me that my son had a great day and he seems happy there. When I picked him up the teachers told me once again that my son had a great day. He was smiling and we walked to the car. When we got home I put his backpack down and started to walk into the kitchen. All of the sudden he […]

When we last left Charley Joe, he was delighted with all the new customers he has received this year. He owns a candy store in Waynesville, Missouri and earlier this year he had a crazy idea. Charley Joe decided to give everyone over 300 pounds free fudge on “Fat Tuesday”. Charley Joe, a man who is over 300 pounds, wanted a way to drum up business and get attention. Attention he got! A woman called the local news and told them that there was a man promoting obesity! Of course it got more attention. All the way to CNN! Charley Joe wanted to see if he could top his last promotion. He wanted to see if he could be more creative and promote his candy. Then today he took it to Facebook. He has thought about this promotion for some time. He started to type the status and then he […]

A few weeks ago I wrote a story about a family who was not able to rebook their cruise through Norwegian Cruise Line. They found out that their son had cancer and could not make the cruise. They did not purchase insurance so they lost out on $4000. I wrote to the CEO and asked if he would help out. It helped get the story out and although the family said they would not use NCL again, some generous people have offered them another cruise in the future. Today I received an email from a woman named Kim. I think she must have thought that I worked for NCL because she sent me a complaint letter. I work in a restaurant and get a lot of these. Here is her letter… We were very disappointed with our Norwegian cruise to Bermuda on June 22. The lobster night was just bits […]

251 pounds??? That makes no sense at all. I knew I gained some weight this year, like 30-40 pounds. Plus I have been on point for the last two weeks. Scales do not lie. Sometimes they can define a part of your journey. Last year was one of my best years to date. I got back down to 195 pounds, which is where I want to stay at. My workouts were amazing. I started to believe that I could become a paid writer one day. My daughter was born. My son was doing well in school and my wife was doing well. Towards the end of the year I started to eat a little more. Nothing crazy, but I ate more than I should. I burn a lot of calories through my workouts so I did not see a big weight gain. My pants still fit, my shirts were tight […]

Kendell Smith of Cary, NC issues a challenge for real men. In his video on Facebook he said that not all men can do this and he hopes all men are up for the challenge. Post by Kendell J. Smith. He then grabbed his son and gave him a kiss. He then challenged dads to be a father. He said, “Take care of your kids. Be there in their lives and mean something to them.” I accept the “Dad Challenge”. Well, I accepted it over five years ago. I made the commitment to be there for my kids no matter what. I brought them into this world and it would be unfair not to be there for them. I made the commitment to be a better person for my kids. I like the “Dad Challenge”. I also think that the “Dad Challenge” is more than making a video. Some dads are […]