Watch more news videos | Latest world news Devon Still was considered one of the best defensive tackles in the country coming out of college in 2012. He was a consensus All-American for Penn State University. He was highly recruited and was drafted in the second round by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012. Injuries plagues his career. Devon was only able to play in 18 games over the last two years in the NFL and registered 28 tackles and only half a sack. This year his heart was not into the game. He did not give 100% on the field. He couldn’t. He was cut from the Bengals this year. His mind was not on the game. His mind was on his daughter. Leah was diagnosed with stage four pediatric cancer in June of this year. She is receiving medical care in Philadelphia where there is a slightly better than 50 […]

There is nothing good about this story. In Bay Village, Ohio a 15 year old child with Autism was tricked into making a supposed Ice Bucket video. He was invited over to a supposed friend’s house to make the video. He was asked to strip down to his underwear. He was then doused with feces, urine, cigarette butts and other disgusting items. The young man who is not being named in the media at this time did not want to tell his family what happened. It was only when the bullies posted the video on Instagram and a real friend told the parents of the victim. The police are working with the superintendent of the school system to get justice for the young man. I truly hope that this young man gets the justice he deserves. The family is asking for the video to be shared. They want to make […]

Dear Sam Yagan (CEO of, My name is Tony Posnanski and I am not looking for love. I found it years ago. I do understand the people that want to find the perfect someone. You are the CEO of numerous dating sites for different types of people. You have success stories plastered all over your websites. You believe in true love. I do to. I got a letter from a woman today that could not be ignored. I thought you should hear about her recent experience with one of your sites. The site is called It is catered toward larger people, primarily larger women. On your site you claim… Full figured, plus sized, or larger women enjoy great success on BBPeopleMeet. Being appreciated as a BBW makes this the perfect place to meet single and respectful men. Her name is Beverly and she was hesitant to join. She […]

Home Depot is the latest company to have their security compromised. It is being reported that over 2000 Home Depot stores have been hit by hackers from Russia and this could be bigger than the 40 million credit card numbers that were stolen from Target stores earlier this year. You know, I always say you should not pay with a credit card! Things like this could happen! Honestly, the customers at Home Depot kind of deserved it. They kind of deserve to have their credit card numbers stolen and their accounts emptied. We live in the internet era. Everything is online. Nothing is private, right? Do not get me wrong, I feel bad. But this has happened before. People have stolen credit card numbers so many times! We make it easy for criminals. We swipe a card in a machine and think that it is safe. Why, because there is […]

It is no secret that I have gained some weight this year. If you do not believe me, ask my pants that no longer fit. I lost over 200 pounds six years ago and have kept most of it off. I still struggle. Then this year I gained some back. About fifty pounds. I usually have to gain everything back to change my ways so I am happy I caught myself. About a month ago I realized that I did not ever want to be 400 pounds again. I do not want to be overweight. So I got back on track. I have been on track for a month but still have more work to do. I am happy with the results so far and will be at my lowest weight by the end of the year. Working out has not been an issue for me. I will admit I […]

When I wrote my last post about weight loss perception and Al Sharpton I knew I would get criticism. Actually, I did not get as much as I thought I would. I got some people who loved the post and some who were not happy. I had a few people unfollow me and a couple of new followers. Pretty much “par for the course “ on any post I have done recently. One woman wrote me. Actually, she wrote me four times. She wrote on my Facebook page, on my blog, in a message and on email. She wanted to let me know that she was going to unfollow my page. She told me that my blog has officially “Jumped The Shark”. I love the term “Jump The Shark”. As described in Wikipedia… Jumping the shark is an idiom created by Jon Hein that was used to describe the moment […]