The story is horrible. Aaron Hill is a sixteen year old who has Autism. Last week he was invited to a party where he admitted to having a drink. At the party there was allegedly a 12-year-old who had a beer and a 15-year-old drinking who was also four months pregnant. Aaron was asked to go outside and fight someone at the party. He said no. Then they called an 18-year-old to come over and fight Aaron. (This is an edited version, there is a longer and more violent version). Post by Justice for Aaron. Half the beating was on this video.No one tried to stop it. Not one person. The “videographer” in this even pushed someone out of the way when they were in front of the camera. Andrew Wheeler, the person who assaulted Aaron also beat him outside. He also allegedly threatened him with a knife and laughed […]

“I cannot believe our son is starting Pre-K…” “Babe, can you put your phone away?” I knew I should not have pulled it out during our first “meet the teacher” but I had to. I just posted my “Dear Abby” article on my Facebook page. I wanted to see the reaction from people. I wanted to see if it was going to be one of my more popular posts. Huffington Post was not promoting it. It was up to me to get it out there. When I got on Facebook the first thing I saw was that Robin Williams died of a possible suicide. I told my wife and she did not believe it. I did not either; the story was not from a reliable source. So I Googled Robin Williams. ABC reported his death. My heart sank. I posted it on my Facebook page and put my phone away. […]

Dear Abby, It is funny how a few months ago you went viral for one of your letters. An “unhappy couple” was upset about living in a neighborhood with gay couples and asked your advice. You shot the couple down quickly for their beliefs and you gave a great response on judging people. It went viral and was one of the most popular “Dear Abby” responses. That is why I am so shocked to see your recent response judging a woman. Yesterday a woman wrote to you asking advise about wearing a bikini. She was a plus sized woman (about 60 or 70 pounds overweight) who wore a one piece bathing suit in public and a bikini top/shorts at home. When she goes to her mom’s house, her mom tells her she cannot wear that in front of her family. Her mom said the outfit makes people around her uncomfortable. The […]

Dear Todd J. Jones (CEO of the Willis North America), My name is Tony Posnanski and I am a writer. A year ago I would not have said that but today I can say it with a little more confidence. I enjoy writing about my life and the lives of others. I started to write “open letters” earlier this year. I once wrote to a radio personality about how I took off time to take care of my kids. There was another time I wrote to a woman who brought her beautiful child into my restaurant. I have written many open letters.I never expected a response to any of my letters. I never wanted a response, just a way to get a story out. Then something happened a few months ago. I started getting a little more popular. I started to get responses back. I got a letter back from the […]

New York News Cole Stoddard was five when he died of brain cancer. He had a bond with his dad whom loved him more than anything. Right before Cole dies he told his dad “I’m not going to grow up to do anything.” His father Tony wanted to do something in remembrance of his son. He wanted to do it in a big way. Gold is the color of ribbons, armbands and buttons for Childhood Cancer Awareness. He submitted a request to the Empire States Building for one night to light up the tower in gold in September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It would not just mean a lot to Tony but to the other families affected by cancer. As reported in…The Empire State Building managers said no. Keep in mind that the building was lit green for the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was rainbow for […]

I was behind you in line when you ordered your coffee beverage. You made your own creation like a mad scientist. Even though there is a huge variety of drinks on the wall, you wanted your own. The barista listened to every word you said. He typed in what he could and wrote the rest for your order. I saw him making your crazy drink. I did not even know you could get half a shot of espresso but you can. The barista was like Tom Cruise in Cocktail back there flipping bottles of vanilla and caramel. He made the drink exactly the way you asked. You took a sip and told him that was not what you ordered. You told him it was not what you told him although it was exactly what you said. Then you told him something I know is not true. You told him you […]