Kai Hibbard’s story is not new. Although you might have seen it for the first time in recent weeks, she has been outspoken about the dangers and truths behind NBC’s hit “The Biggest Loser”. Kai was the 2006 runner-up, only losing to Erik Chopin, who lost over 200 pounds. Still, Kai lost 118 pounds (although the media says 121) and was the most celebrated female on the show at that time. She gave all of it up to tell her side of the story. She came out to tell the world about the horrible practices on The Biggest Loser. She said how she worked out all the time, barely ate and was not allowed to wear a shirt until she lost enough weight. No one listened. No one cared. So years later she is in the news again. The story has not changed at all. The story is, in fact, […]

“All fat people want is an excuse but fatties have the one thing disabled people don’t have. They have choice. Nobody’s forcing them to shovel food in their faces.” – Katie Hopkins Katie Hopkins has recently gained 50 pounds to prove that there are no excuses with weight loss. The star of The Apprentice and a TLC documentary about her weight loss/gain, Katie feels that obese people are lazy and it is extremely easy to lose weight. So we wanted another perspective. Tony Posnanski is known on the Internet as a weight loss inspiration. He was featured in Huffington Post, CNN, and Yahoo for his courageous 220-pound weight loss, which he has kept off since 2008. Or so we thought. We recently found out that he has gained close to 50 pounds this year. Of course, we thought it might be a publicity stunt. Of course, Tony is a “no […]

Superabs- “I have a kid.” Tony- “I have two.” Superabs- I have a six pack.” Tony-“ Six pack??? HA!!!! I have a 24 pack… Dasani!” Superabs- I have “no excuses” and everyone else should as….. Tony- Let’s stop right there for a second… I get it Superabs. You are now part of the long line of fitness peeps that have to rely on insulting others to get attention. Of course, you did not mean to insult others. I believe you. I mean, you know that few people have your body and many people workout and eat just like you do. I know, most people are just sensitive. I think the term is pansies. Most people cannot take the truth. You know, because if a mom does not have your body, she must be chilling on the couch. Your life is fitness. Some people have other things in their lives as […]

I remember looking in the mirror for my holiday party. Usually, I am not excited to go, but this year I was. I lost 70 pounds this year. I always wore pants or blouses in sizes that started with two. Everyone told me I should dress up. This holiday party I was going to surprise everyone. People have come up to me and asked if I lost weight. They knew I had. My co-workers have seen me eat healthier foods. They knew I was working out. I have not bought new clothes, so I looked frumpy at work. Well, my co-workers were in for a surprise. I bought a size 12 dress. I never wear dresses. This black dress looked great on me. I even got heels to match. I remember looking in the mirror. I remember being proud of myself. The dress went a little above my knees. It […]

“My table wants to see you.” In 2009, I was promoted to managing partner for an Italian restaurant in Maitland, FL. I was a long time chef there and finally had my chance to shine as the big boss. I also made the decision to lose weight. I was over 400 pounds for most of my career there. Then in 2008 I made the decision to lose weight. I lost over 220 pounds. When the server told me that a table wanted to see me it did not seem like a big deal. I was sure that the food was cold or the service was slow. It rarely was a fun conversation but necessary. When I looked at the table that wanted to see me I noticed that I recognized the guy. It was Marc Mero. I saw him in the restaurant numerous times. He is kind of a local […]

WSMV Channel 4 “For Sale in Sumner County, TN.” is a Facebook group that has close to 20,000 members. It is known as a BST (Buy Sell Trade) site that you can get and sell items quickly. They sell a variety of items from wedding dresses, diamond rings and children’s clothing. Most of the items get a little attention. In fact, many members type “bump” just go get their items seen. Some items sell quickly. There was a sweater dress that sold within minutes the other day. Recently they have had a lot of prom dresses for sale since it is getting close to prom season. 18-year-old Kristen Layne wanted to sell her junior prom dress from last year and get a new one. So she posted a picture of her dress along with the price. Once she posted a couple of men posted that Kristen was fat and not […]