So now I am under the 250 mark, I think it is the first time in about 7 years. I went to the doctor today to make sure I was in good health. Sometimes, I get a little nervous that the weight came off too quick, so I try to go every two months to make sure all my blood work is in order, and my heart rate is good as well.Today was weird, because my doctor got confused. He had to ask me if I got gastric bypass. Huh???? He knew i did not, I mean, he is my doctor. Then he told me that he has never seen or heard of anyone losing so much weight. At first he though I only lost 106 pounds. Then I had to explain to him that on the chart he had me at 350+ because I was too heavy to go […]

Well, now it looks like 200 pounds lost is really close. I have lost 167 pounds so far this year. I am really happy about that, but I am even happier about the way I have done it. I have not had a diet soda, or any caffeine. I work out at least five days a week. I eat well, and I never feel like I want to stray off course. I think that technology really helps with this, because telling people my story will help me stay on the right path.About two years ago, “The Biggest Loser” has a audition in Orlando. I was ready to try out for the show. Being over 400 pounds at the time, I was pretty convinced that I would be chosen for the show. I mean I am outgoing, I was a chef at the time, which makes it pretty interesting, and I […]

So I remember the day vividly. I made an appointment to go to the doctor. I told my wife that it was because I wanted a check-up. The true reason I went is because I was scared. I did not sleep the last three nights, because when I would dose off, I would wake up and feel total numbness in both my arms. How scary is that? I started to really believe that if I kept living the life I was living, I was not going to be living for very long.I put on my 5x shorts and shirt, and shoes that I never tie up, and went to the doctor. Once I walked in, I stood and waited because I could not get in the chairs they had over there. It was so long since I sat in a chair with arms, I started wondering if anyone was able […]

It is always nice when you are able to walk and not get tired, or have people eat in front of you , and not get tempted. It has been about 5 months for me now, and I can honestly say that Weight Watchers will remain in my life for a long time to come. I have not had a soda (Diet or regular) in that amount of time, and I am truly happy with the different healthy foods I am able to eat. I can eat a mango now, not a mango flavored smoothie, and a nice big apple, and not a candied apple. I spent a long time of my life eating foods that were processed, and flavored. It is a nice change to eat different kinds of foods.Plus, the results are great. I can shop at a normal store for clothes, I can get in a sports […]

Well, I am still doing well. I really feel like this is the way of life for me. It has been five months, and I have not craved food that I have not eaten (chocolate, fast food, etc.)Plus I feel soooo much better now. I am active, I do not take tons of naps during the day, and I do not sweat all the time either. Being at 288 now, I am ready to lose more, lol. I put up some pictures of myself before and after so you can take a look. Enjoy.

Well, I just went to Weight Watchers and I lost 102 pounds there so far (20 before). I am on the core plan, which is cool because I eat until I am not hungry, and I am eating new foods to me because I always ate fast food and junk food. I feel so much better. I entered a WW contest, and here is my entry, enjoy! Weight has always been an issue for me. I have always been around 250-275 pounds since I was 12 years old. I would lose a little once in a while (always in an unhealthy way), but I maintained a “chubby” appearance for a majority of my life. Poor eating habits would get to me, and fast food was a way of life. I would go eat at five different restaurants a day, not even realizing what I have eaten. This would happen for […]