So my wonderful wife made a comment to me yesterday that made me think. I saw some tortilla chips in the house from a restaurant that I questioned. My wife said they came with her salad, and I might have rolled my eyes, I am not sure. Then the next comment out of her mouth made me think. ” You know, why haven’t you spoken about Alli on your blog, you took it before, right? I mean, no surgery, NO PILLS???”Ahhhhhh, how I have forgotten my wonderful time with Alli for a month. This is true, I was a pill pusher,or pill popper. When I went to see my doctor at 420 pounds, I asked him if there was any pills I could take to help me lose weight. I always asked this question. I was hoping one day he would have closed the door after I asked this, and […]

So I joined Weight Watchers earlier this year, and let me tell you, it works. If you watch your portion sizes, you will lose wight. I don’t know the true science behind it, but I guess if you eat less, you will lose weight. I go every week to get myself weighed in, and sometimes I stay for the meetings. I don’t care what anyone says, Weight Watchers is not so guy friendly. I mean, I have seen three guys at meetings, and all of them looked like they wanted me to help them look for their “lost puppy” deep in the woods. Not only that, but the topics are how to accessorize, and dance your fat off. Listen, I am not John Wayne, but come on, guys have to have a safe haven as well. Wow, that was off subject. Anyway, I was losing weight, but….I was real close […]

Growing up, I never was so fond of my last name. It was long, it was pronounced differently than it was spelled, and I have never met anyone besides for family members with the last name Posnanski. But now, I am older, and understand that Posnanski is not just a last name, but a breed of people. The members in my family are incredibly determined people, very humble, and never talk about getting results, they just show results. I call this “Posnanski Determination”. Here are some examples:Let’s start out with my Dad. He would be the magazine’s version of a man. He is good with cars, and fixing things, he is a good provider and has a incredible work ethic. He loves sports, boxing is his favorite. But the one thing I was always so impressed about was the way he loved and played chess. Whenever you see someone in […]

People ask me how do you get to be over 400 pounds. Okay, no one actually asked me that. A guy yelled one time across the room at me “Jesus, how did you get so fat.” Alas, it stuck with me, but it does bring up a good point. You do not see a lot of 400 pound people out there. So I did a little research, asked a few top professionals, and came up with this assessment: To be over 400 pounds, you eat ALOT of food!!! It’s the truth. And I am not talking about sneaking a extra piece of cake, or seconds at Thanksgiving dinner, I am talking about a huge amount of food. And that was me, a big time eater. I was the Pete Rose of eating. The best in my day, and no one came close ( I guess you could also throw in […]

Over the last few years, more and more people are eating out. It is a part of everyday life for so many people. No more home cooked meals, or going to grandma’s for dinner. Restaurants like Chipolte, Chili’s, Applebees, McDonalds, and nine million others are out there to take our money for a quick meal.It is easier than you think to eat “well” when you go out to eat. Most restaurants have a “healthy” section (Also watch out for what some restaurants call healthy), although people always choose foods that sound good, but might not be the healthiest option.Now, when I go out to eat, I order a little different. I try to get a variation for the dishes that are offered. Here are a few tips on eating out, some you have heard, and some might be new: 1. Be the annoying order person- Okay, you have the menu, […]

I admit it, I love going to the gym. I am not going to beat around the bush, nor am I going to sugarcoat it, I REALLY love going to the gym. When I wake up, and it is gym day, I get ready, walk the dog, and then hit my local gym (Lifestyles). Now remember, this happens all at 5:15 in the morning six days a week. Now if you are or were ever overweight, chances are that you have spent over $12 billion dollars in gym monthly fees. Well, I am not any different. I pay $60 per month, and I can finally say it is worth it.It was not always like that. During my 400 pound days, I remember telling my wife that I was going to the gym, that I would be working out. This never happened. The only thing I ever did was pay my […]