A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away……. I was a mortgage broker!! Before my restaurant management days, I worked as a mortgage broker for a small firm in Charlotte, NC. I was really good at it. It was easy to sell people on refinancing their homes. I had a lot of clients. While I was doing it, I was approached by a woman. Her son was in jail and she needed to get money to bail him out. She was desperate to get money. She wanted to refinance her home so she could get money to bail out her son (The bail was like $10,000 so he did something pretty rough!). She was a single 66 year old woman living on Social Security. Desperation is delicious for a salesman. I worked out the numbers and the deal I had at first had me making $9500. My […]

So as you might are might not know, I had a StairMaster challenge. On my blog I had 49 comments. Which is not bad!Every comment went like this :“I LOVE Jen’s blog!!!!! She is awesome. I am going to vote for both of you!!!” On Jen’s blog, she had 148 comments. Okay, so I commented 12 times, but still 148 comments!Here is how most of her comments went:“Kill Tony, you can do it!! Make him sweat!!!” Well, at the end of the day, Jen will go on the StairMaster for 42:30 minutes And I will go on for 67 minutes. Well, how about this! I already went on the StairMaster today for 99 minutes. The first 60 minutes was easy.Between 60-90 minutes I was getting very tiredBetween 90-95 minutes I saw Michael JacksonBetween 95-99 minutes I saw Andrew Jackson Here is a pic at 95 minutes, and a pic at […]

First off, I want to thank everyone for commenting on Jen’s blog. At this rate I will be on the StairMaster for 12 hours!!! Well, maybe not, I think the last time I checked she was at 117 comments. I will have to think of something creative after 140 comments because my gym has strict rules about being on a piece of cardio for 65 minutes. Trust me though, I will try to go longer, I will have to “sneak the sweat”! I have been overweight my whole life. When you are an overweight kid, there are a few things that come with the territory: 1. Your pants will have to be shortened. You can not wear size 38 pants when you are 5 foot 1 and 220 and not have them adjusted.2. You always think people are making fun of you. One of my defense mechanisms was to beat […]

As you might know, I love going to the gym! I love lifting weights and I love the elliptical machine! At my gym there are plenty of bench press machines and barbells. There are over 40 elliptical machines and 50 treadmills! There are only 2 StairMaster machines. No one is ever on them either! Well, except for this really thin girl with a “Bebe Sport” top, but that does not count! Stairs are a scary thing for an overweight person. I always hated going up stairs. I would get out of breath. I would feel numbness in my arms. I could not do it! After working out for over a year, I finally decided to tackle the StairMaster. If you have never done the machine, here is a brief synopsis of it. First 5 minutes- You wonder why so many people complain about doing this. I mean, it is just […]

With all the discussion about BlogHer no one has mentioned anything about BlogHim. I am so excited about going to BlogHim! BlogHim is going to be in August of 2011 for two luxurious days in Vegas. Not really sure where in Vegas, but I am thinking right in the middle of a casino. It will be two days of guy male weight loss bloggers. Yeah….all 16 of us! We will have fantastic seminars such as: Who is your favorite 80′s wrestler (Dusty Rhodes!)Husbands on CBS sit-coms and their hot wives: fact or fiction!Black socks with sandals, at what age?Is there really a 100 calorie snack?If you do not get a comment on a post, did you really write it?Blackberry or iPhone?How many times can TheAntiJared write about the same subject?Best NFL football team to not go to the SuperBowl (1986 Cleveland Browns).How many months do you wait to kick a […]

I never signed up for a C-2-3.76k I never signed up for the “68 push-up challenge” I also never settled to lose 100 pounds Those are the whole reasons I lost 200 pounds. When I lost my first 100 pounds, everyone was so excited! My Weight Watchers gave me a certificate, and my wife kept on gushing. She was thrilled. Losing 100 pounds did not matter to me at all. It was not my goal. At 320 pounds, I felt great. I was able to shop at “normal” clothing stores, although at the largest sizes. I was not out of breath, and I could put my seat belt on in the car. Honestly though, I was scared. Scared because losing 100 pounds was incredibly easy for me. I lowered my calorie intake and worked out. Each week I would lose 6-12 pounds like nothing. I lost 100 pounds in some […]