I live about thirty seconds away from a 7/11 convenience store. When I was over 400 pounds I LOVED 7/11’s! Slurpees galore! They had Hostess Pies. Every flavor, which included chocolate. As an overweight person, you have not lived until you have eaten a Hostess Chocolate Pie. They had Little Debbie individual snacks. They are a little bigger than the ones you buy in multi-packs, but it is a fantastic unhealthy snack at twenty five cents. They had Cuban sandwiches. Oh yes, they will grill them upon request. They had four microwaves with every microwavable snack known to man. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, burritos galore. They also had a “King Size” Hot Pocket. Pepperoni please! They had all the candy bars. Yes, even the Heath Bar. Mmmmm, Heath Bar. They also had Taquitos. It was your favorite dish wrapped into a little corn tortilla. Cheeseburger, Buffalo Wing, and Pesto Chicken. They also […]

There I was sitting next to my wife while she was giving birth to our son. There I was with a mask on in a room full of surgeons. I was already on pins and needles. This did not help. During my wife’s pregnancy I read a lot of books on parenting and childbirth. I have them all. The funny thing is as many books as I read, I sat there not knowing anything, just praying for the best. You can not study for childbirth. Our dream was to have a baby. That dream came true in October of 2008 when two lines showed up on a test. I remember when I found out my wife was pregnant, I needed to be a better person. I was already a good guy, responsible, loving, and caring. Now I wanted to be a great father. I had to find out how. I […]

I have been out of the diet loop for a while. I used to know all of the hip new products coming out, and the cool trendy diets out there. So it is odd that today is the first day I have heard of The Cookie Diet. I did not read about it and I really do not know how it works. All I could think of was… That sounds DEEEELICIOUS!!!!!!! Growing up, there was always a cabbage diet or a grapefruit diet.There was a diet where you could not have carbs and one where you could not have any fat.There were diets that you could not eat anything after 3pm and ones that made you cry because all you could eat was ice. But a cookie diet? Well, that sounds fantastically shameful. You are taking two words that are polar opposites and putting them together! Kind of like that […]

I do not remember the exact day it happened. I think it was around the Winter of 2003. But I remember the emotion. I remember the horror. I remember the moment that changed my life. I was in the bathroom. I did not feel very good. When it was time for me to wipe, I could not do it. At first I thought I did not position myself correctly. So I got up and tried again. No luck. I remember shaking my arm. Maybe something was wrong with being unable to reach? No luck again.Then I tried real hard. I was sweating. I put a leg up on the bathtub. I turned and twisted as much as I could. Then it hit me. I could not wipe myself any longer. I remember standing there, with tears rolling down my face. I was a failure. Things creep up on you when […]

You! Yeah, you!! You are making me mad. I do not know anything about you except for the 500 words you type every two days, yet you are a part of my life. I know how you feel. I have felt like that for so many years. First you make a weight-loss blog. I did not go looking for you. I found you stumbling on other websites. I started to read about your life. You life is fascinating! You have parts that are just like me. In fact, I see a lot of you in me. Every day I would wait for your updates. I started to get to know you. To root you on! Lately, you have been disappointing me. Disappointing yourself! Every week you say you are going to get back on track. This is going to be your week. October is going to be your month. 2009 […]

When I was 420 pounds, I was at work when an employee asked me if I was married. Before I could answer, I heard in a very loud voice, with many people around: “Well, Porkchop ain’t married to Jenny Craig, that is for sure!!” Now, when you hear this, you get nervous. You get nervous because it is funny. After hearing 1000 fat jokes, if you think it is funny, then everyone around you will think it is funny. Once someone makes a funny comment like that, you are in what is know as: The Blizzard of Fat Jokes! There is nothing you can do. No matter how many comments you make back, you will get hit. You just have to stand there and take it. It was rough, but I got used to it. I mean, I am short (5 foot 6), bald, and was overweight. No matter what […]