You! Yeah, you!! You are making me mad. I do not know anything about you except for the 500 words you type every two days, yet you are a part of my life. I know how you feel. I have felt like that for so many years. First you make a weight-loss blog. I did not go looking for you. I found you stumbling on other websites. I started to read about your life. You life is fascinating! You have parts that are just like me. In fact, I see a lot of you in me. Every day I would wait for your updates. I started to get to know you. To root you on! Lately, you have been disappointing me. Disappointing yourself! Every week you say you are going to get back on track. This is going to be your week. October is going to be your month. 2009 […]

When I was 420 pounds, I was at work when an employee asked me if I was married. Before I could answer, I heard in a very loud voice, with many people around: “Well, Porkchop ain’t married to Jenny Craig, that is for sure!!” Now, when you hear this, you get nervous. You get nervous because it is funny. After hearing 1000 fat jokes, if you think it is funny, then everyone around you will think it is funny. Once someone makes a funny comment like that, you are in what is know as: The Blizzard of Fat Jokes! There is nothing you can do. No matter how many comments you make back, you will get hit. You just have to stand there and take it. It was rough, but I got used to it. I mean, I am short (5 foot 6), bald, and was overweight. No matter what […]

Don’t you wish….. A weight loss blogger who has not blogged in over six months would update their blog with “I know I have been gone, but I lost 50 pounds over the last six months!!” You really could blame McDonald’s for your weight gain You could gain muscle without working out Alli helped you lose weight instead of the fear that you that if you eat to much fat you will crap you pants There were no holidays, or if there were holidays they had nothing to do with food A diet pill really worked. I mean really worked! Apples were fattening and pizza was low calorie You would not open a magazine and see incredibly skinny models that make you feel like crap. Men and Women both! The media would focus on great men instead of Dave and Jon who can’t keep it in their pants You would […]

In 2001, my wife Rebecca (girlfriend at the time) came up to me and said : “I want to move back to Buffalo, NY.” Now, we lived in Charlotte at the time, where I grew up. I have lived in many cities, but Charlotte is by far the most beautiful city I have lived in. The people are nice, the streets are clean, and the economy was booming! My family lived in Charlotte. I had a great job in Charlotte. There was no reason to leave. Rebecca wanted to move back to be close to her family. That was her home town. We only knew each other for a little over a year. We got along really well, just like today. If you’ve never been to Buffalo, here is how you can get the experience: Go to your freezer, stick your head in, then punch yourself 20 times in the […]

Tonight I had a choice to blog or cook for my wife. I will be back tomorrow

When I was a freshman in high school, I won the top thespian award. It was a huge deal for me. I was really involved in drama. I was the lead in both plays at school. I worked real hard to memorize my lines and I did a great job in the plays. I received the award at an assembly at school. Both my parents and brother came to see me receive the award. It was a shock that I won it. As an overweight kid, it felt good to succeed at something Now, when I went up to get the award, I did not have to tell 10 things about myself and then give the award to ten other people…. Which is why I do not understand Blogger awards. I do not get it. You get an award that someone designs on their website. At first you think: “Wow! […]