The other day I went to Super Wal-Mart. My wife wanted a snack, so I bought some Weight Watchers Chocolate Chip Muffins. They looked good, I think three points a muffin. When I was checking out, the cashier, who had a lovely tattoo of a dagger on her chest, looked at the muffins and said to me: “Damn baby! You do not need Weight Watchers!” When “Tee-Tee” said this comment to me, two things came to mind: 1. Those are the best compliments to get. Those are the ones that make you smile all day, the ones that reassure you that this lifestyle is worth it! It is nice when my wife makes a positive comment, but it is kind of in the rules of marriage: “Do you Rebecca take this man to be your husband, and do you promise to always make positive comments about his weight even if […]

Okay, time to get your opinion on a couple more things. Don’t worry, I am still going to write about MSNBC articles and Weight Watchers. I know, you are at the edge of your seat pressing refresh on your computer hoping these “dandy” posts come up, but give it some time! 1. Which blogger are you dressing up as for Halloween? (If you pick me, get a Hoodie, Cauliflower and a iPhone!) 2. Best song to dance to. 3. Do you agree that you should get “blogger awards” for the work you have done on your blog and not get the award and then have to do more work and give it away to others. 4. Facebook or Twitter? 5. Which 80’s fashion do you wish came back in style (Sebago shoes, Triple Fat Goose Jackets, JAMZ, etc.) Thank you for your help!

Today I did something that I have not done in a while… I bought a new workout outfit. It has been a while. Most of my hoodies and sweat shorts are XL, so they are big on me. I have a few large as well, but they are a little big on me. No, today I splurged and bought a pair of medium wind-breaker type pants and a matching fleece “ultra-dry” shirt. When I went to the gym I looked in the mirror and realized I looked like a “tool”. I do not mean that in a horrible way, because my wife said I looked kind of cute in my gear. No, I looked like “that guy”. The ToolBy Tony Posnanski When I go to the gym, you can call me Tupac because “All Eyes Are On Me”. Why you might ask….. Because I am the tool! When you say […]

The best part….no, the most amazing part of my journey is that I lost over 200 pounds while working as a chef/partner at Buca di Beppo. Some of you may know what Buca di Beppo is. It is a family-style Italian restaurant that has amazing food. It has a Pope’s table and a table in the kitchen. It is a great time for the whole family. It is also a place where most diets end. Well, my story goes much farther than that. Last year, this Minnesota based company was purchased by a company based out of Orlando. Yep, my new corporate office was about 8 minutes from my store now. They also wanted to redo the menu and give it more life. Yep, they chose my store to make changes in the menu. For weeks, I would have chefs in my store working hard on making changes to our […]

“Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, what you are about to see is amazing……” I have always considered myself a circus act. At 420 pounds, I felt like a sideshow. “Come see the amazing 420 pound guy. He can not wipe himself nor can he tie his shoes, but he sure can eat. Do not get to close, you might lose a limb!” After losing over 200 pounds, I still feel like a circus act. “Come see the amazing guy who lost over 200 pounds. He only eats fruits and vegetables I think. He works out non-stop and works at this 24/7!” After 19 months, I have defeated the odds. Last year I was getting emails about how I would go back to my old habits, how I would stop blogging and I would gain back the weight I lost. Yet, it has not happened. Maybe it is my […]

Okay, one more day of work and then I can sit and post. I have a lot of big things to talk about. SO here is another quick one: 1. I hate when people say they have a lot of big things to talk about. If I really had big things, i would have told you. When you read the cliffhanger, your mind wanders.“Did they get a divorce?”“Did they win the lottery?”“Did they do both?” Finally they post and say “Here is my HUGE news. I ate zucchini and I loved it!” So I do not have anything big to talk about. 2. The other day I received “The Rootin‘ Tootin‘ Sweet Lovely Blog Award”. I won it along with 54 other bloggers. When I went to receive it, would you believe Kanye West got on my blog and started telling people how Jack Sh*t’s blog is better and he […]