I hate people who complain about grocery lines being so longI hate when my wife corrects me gramer on me blogI hate excusesI hate tying my shoesI hate when people tell me they are going to do somethingI hate not workingI hate “Dance Your Ass Off”I hate the fact that it took me so long to change my lifeI hate smooth talkersI hate Value Menu’s at fast food restaurantsI hate when people tell me 1-2 pounds is the maximum weight people should lose, then when they lose more they “worked harder”.I hate hypocrites I think people DO NOT beat themselves up enough. Maybe it sounds conceited, but I think people should take actions in changing their lives rather than talk about it.

I love to prove people wrong.I love my job.I love the fact that I do not believe in luck, coincidence, or chance.I love my wife.I love working out.I love my son.I love that I have a son.I love vegetables.I love water.I love helping people who really want help.I love to write.I love my pictures.I love myself.I love my story. I think people beat themselves up to much. Maybe it sounds conceited, but I think people should talk about what they love rather than why they do not like themselves.

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and I’m married to Tony, “The Anti-Jared”. Sometimes I feel like that’s how I should introduce myself in social settings; that people know me, or think they know me for my husband’s accomplishments. And those of you who follow Tony regularly know all about those accomplishments… What you don’t know are the things that I get asked all the time: Does Tony really eat like that all the time? Was he really 420 pounds? Do you eat the way Tony does? Do you really have things like chocolate and diet soda in the house all of the time? Did he really cook bacon and potatoes and pancakes for you while you were pregnant? Does he ever cheat? What is life like in our kitchen? Well, here is my attempt to answer some of those questions and more, dispel any rumors, and yes, let you meet “The Anti-Jared’s” […]

Answer: December 14, 2007 7:36am 420 pounds “Man, I did not get any sleep last night. Stupid arm kept on going numb. Which arm is it for the heart attack, left or right. I think left. Well, both arms were numb. That really sucks, I could have used the sleep. Thank god I am off work today!I do not want to get up. I am wet all over. How hot is it in this house! I do not have any clothes to change into. I really need to wash my shirt and pants. Well, I am upstairs, the machine is downstairs. Maybe I will wash my clothes later.Wait, it is not hot in this house. I needed to go to the bathroom three hours ago but did not get up. I really hope I did not wet the bed. That would suck!!!! Especially since I do not have another pair […]

Today I went shopping for food when I saw the huge display for……. “Pop Tarts With Fiber” Yep, those delicious Pop Tarts now have fiber in them. If I am not mistaken, 20% more!!! You know, I want to apologize to every single one of my readers. Every one! I want to apologize to the 98% that support me no matter what.I want to apologize to the 2% that do not support me yet read every post and know an incredible amount about me: “I hate you. In post 132 you wrote that you ate a apple chip. I thought you only ate fresh apples. You disgust me!! By the way, how is the wife and baby?“ I want to apologize to my wife and my baby and my dog. Even my cats! Why am I apologizing you might ask? Because I need to be more honest. I have lost […]

Not bad after sixteen months!!