My bloggie friend Carlos is not blogging as often, so I decided to steal his Wednesday secret telling post. Now, he is much more exciting than I am. He has all those fantastic risque tales. Yet, I do have a couple up my sleeve: I have a phobia of being late to anything. I have never been “on time” to anything in my life. I am usually 30-45 minutes early to everything. I love the comments that Foolsfitness leaves. No matter if it is a funny post or serious post, he leaves the same type of comment: “I am sorry to hear that you lost a limb. Here at Foolsfitness, we would give an arm and a leg to have your courage!” There was a point in my life where I hated my name, and I tried to have people call me TL. It did not work. I, like Carlos, […]

I am a pretty hard worker. I always have been, even when I was overweight. After a 12-14 hour day of asking guests how their Quesadillas were, my wife says the same thing to me every time I walk through the door: “You smell like work.” Now, she appreciates my work ethic. She knows I take pride in what I do. She is not fond of me smelling like a restaurant when I come home. I think it might be time to start looking for a sexier job. I mean, I have lost weight and put on some muscle. Plus, I want my wife to say this to me when I come home: “You….smell like….WORK (wink)!” (Hence the wink) So here are some options for my new sexier job: 1. I could work construction. I would only work during lunchtime downtown with a jack hammer. I would go to work […]

There are some days where I wish I was like other dieters. I wish I lost the weight on a low calorie plan.That I ate six small meals a day.I monitored how much water I took in.I wish I would post great low-calorie recipes and post my workouts. Those are very few days! Earlier this year, I tried to do something called “Maintain My Maintenance”. I wrote a letter to a good amount of food companies (General Mills, Dole, Etc.) and talked about my story. I also asked if I could get samples of the foods that I eat for plugs on my blog. One company was very interested in me ( I will not say the name, but let’s just say they have their initials on eggs). I told them how I eat their eggs a lot. When I am in the grocery store, and I get hungry, I […]

Over a year ago, I got this comment: The Anti-Jared’s Proud Wife said… I’ve been reading my wonderful husband’s blog for a few months now, and during that same time I’ve watched him come alive in a way that would make anyone smile. He’s happier, healthier, has more energy than most people I know and is loving life. I love him and I am so proud of him for making incredibly smart choices every day.To anyone who doesn’t believe in the success or power of the changes he has made in his life, well, too bad. You’re missing out. My husband and I are going to have a wonderfully, long healthy life together. I’ve said for months that I have WW to thank for that, but really, I have my husband to thank.All our friends and family who have seen him evolve into a new man over the last 8 […]

A few months ago, I received this comment: priorfatgirl’s mom said… You are right…we sure can point out what we don’t love.Thanks for the reminderKim 7/22/09 10:09 AM What would you do if you woke up one day and your life changed? What used to be left was right. What was up now was down. What was right was now wrong. How would you react? How strong would you be? I think about Jen’s passion every day. I think about the amount of strength she has to live her life although the most special part was taken tragically. I think about her courage. I think about how she is strong for the people around her. For her father, for the man she loves. How she is an inspiration to her sisters and her followers. I read her blog and admire her more and more. She is right, no one would […]

I received this comment a few days ago: Anonymous said…Your blog is spot on.However, you have to give the real Jared credit, he lost a bunch of weight (though didn’t put on the muscle you have put on) and has kept it off for more than a decade and he has turned himself into a brand and likely makes a good income for himself and his family. Not too shabby.It seems you are also trying to create a brand. You won’t “sell out” to a corporation. It looks like you are trying to create a brand based on your personality which will eventually generate some income for you and your family. Again, not too shabby.How come we haven’t seen any pics (perhaps I have missed them) since 8/21? I suspect the next set of pics is going to show a very lean and ripped muscular person (not that you aren’t […]