There is one part of blogging that I love. The one part that makes it worthwhile for me. It is how a post is taken by people. When I wrote “Normal 420 Pounder“, I took my wedding picture and looked at it. That picture looked like a contestant on a love reality show. So I decided to do a “funny” piece making fun of all the weight loss shows and how it depicts overweight people. I never thought people would think it was true. I will admit, I did write it convincingly, but I just wanted to be funny. I was being me. When I wrote “Chuck Norris Surgeon General”, I really wanted to write about Chuck Norris because every time I was on Facebook I got a invitation to do a quiz on how long I would last with him in a fight.After reading the post, I still really […]

So many blogs have been written about the FOX reality show “More to Love”. Well, believe it or not, I was actually chosen to be on a FOX reality pilot in 2000 called “Normal 420 Pounder“. They flew me out to Los Angeles to be on a show to find true love! When I went to the FOX studios, the producers were so excited to see me! “Normal 420 Pounder! How are you. That you so much for being on our show. We are going to find you true love.” “Umm, thanks! By the way, my name is Tony.” “No problem Normal 420 Pounder!” “Ummm, no, my name is Tony! Why do you keep on calling me Normal 420 Pounder?” “Sorry Normal 420 Pounder. This show has nothing to do about weight but about finding true love!” They brought me into a room and started showing me videos of beautiful […]

I am not a doctor or a health specialist.I am not a Certified Trainer not a Nutritionist.I am not a Weight Watchers leader nor am I weight loss researcher type of guy. I am someone who has never played a sport. Someone who has always been overweight my whole life. I am someone who would eat until I was full, and then eat some more. I never had control. I am someone who was over 400 pounds, wore size 60 pants and a 5x shirt. I am someone who should not look like the guy on the right…..yet that is exactly who I look like. After losing 200+ pounds, there are things I had to realize along the way. -I can not make excuses-I have to strive for perfection each and every day-The scale is a great tool, but it will not make me go into “plateau mode”-Exercise is important, […]

The other day I wrote something that some people did not agree with. I am glad that people did not agree with it. In fact, I wish more people did not agree with things I say! I wrote that I do not believe that people can change. Now, I stand firm in those words. But I do feel like I need to explain why I believe that. You see, I have always heard that there is “A light at the end of the tunnel”. This magical light that we are all striving to get to while walking through this dark tunnel. I never agreed with that. I think it is backwards. I have always believed there is “A tunnel at the end of the light.” A tunnel where we learn how strong we really are. Last February when I made this commitment to lose weight/get healthy I was committed. I […]

An excerpt from “The Anti-Jared. From 420 pounds to 198 doing it the right…wrong… my way” September 20, 2008 There I was like every single Monday for the last six months. Grey shorts, white shirt, black slip-on shoes sitting in the back of the Weight Watchers meeting in Lake Mary, Florida looking at the floor.In 26 weeks, I lost a ridiculous 171 pounds. I was a Weight Watchers true delight! I counted my points every day. I measured everything that went into my system. I controlled my “flex” points and I religiously had my handy-dandy pedometer in my back pocket to see how many steps I took every day.I knew how many points were in everything. If not the points, I knew the calorie amount. After dieting for over twenty years, I had my degree in “knowing everything about dieting except putting it into action for life.” I think there […]

Someone with Narcissistic Personality disorder (NPD) has at least 5 of these symptoms: has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) Well, I do not exaggerate my achievements. I did lose a lot of weight. I do down play it outside of this blog. I do not feel superior, I could not have done this without the love of my family. is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love I do feel like success will come to fact I am a success. Unlimited though, not really. I am a bald mid 30′s guy, beauty is not in the cards for me. Love, well..I have that! believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions) I […]