Some one asked me what the best part of 2009 was for me. Well, it was the other day. I told my son that I lost over 200 pounds, kept it off, was featured in CNN and AOL, and I write a blog. I told him I do this for him. He is the main reason I lost my weight and the reason I will keep it off. I told him I love him very much. He was in shock. I know what he was thinking….“So you never eat a piece of cake or something?”

Fine! I am going to have some New Years Resolutions. But help me with them. I want any creative idea you have, except anything with weight loss or working out. Those I will focus on anyway. Maybe I should be less annoyingMaybe I should post more about treesMaybe I should fly to CaliforniaMaybe I should crawl under a rockMaybe I should make a lot of moneyMaybe I should give you a lot of money Give me some ideas if you can. If you really need I prize for the most creative, I think we have some out of date Chef Boy-Ar-Dee’s in my pantry that I need to throw out*. * I am pretty dedicated on my plan to have Chef Boy-Ar-Dee’s that are out of date. That stuff never goes bad! Also, off topic, weight loss is not a job. Why do people take days off? Just say you […]

There is a lot of grey areas with weight loss. There is nothing that is “black and white” There could be one person who weighs 200 pounds who would say “How did I get to this enormous weight” and then there will be someone like me, who throws their hands in the air and says “Yes, I am at goal!” There are some who believe frozen dinners are the way to go and others who think they are a waste of money. Some people lose weight by working out at home, some by going to the gym, and some do not even work out at all. Some need the support of blogs and bloggers, and others could care less. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has lost weight differently. There is no such thing as a “perfect diet” or a “right or wrong plan”. I learned all of this […]

The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underpants By Tony Posnanski I have never been a fan of bumper stickers. Well, that is until I saw the one that changed my life a couple of years ago…. In 2008, while driving behind a Ford Escort I saw the most intriguing bumper sticker I have ever seen. It read: “Lose weight. Ask me how!” At 420 pounds I did want to lose weight. but how? So for 12 miles I followed this car until it pulled into a Target parking lot. Semi-quickly, I walked over to the driver, who was a beautiful woman. “Please, I need to lose weight. How? How?” She handed me a “Free 6 inch sub” coupon for Subway and drove off. Although annoyed that I did not have the answer, I was delighted to get free food. I went to Subway and presented my coupon. before I could order, […]

Jill HerbasteinBy Tony Posnanski When I was a kid, I was incredibly active. I would run around in army attire, do push ups, and point at people and say “Hey you, yeah you, you ready to lose weight.” I used to have a real good friend named Jill Herbastein. She was the total opposite of me which worked out well. She was not fat, but kind of chunky. She dressed weird and she was never motivated to do anything. “Hey Jill, you want to go run a mile?”“Nah Tony, I will just sit under this tree.”“Hey Jill, you want to eat an apple?”“Nah Tony, I will just eat this Snickers bar.”“Hey Jill, do you want to dance?”“Nah Tony, I will just watch a video.” Although uninspired, we got along real well. My family loved her and her family loved me. We were best friends! One day, while in my tree […]

With 2009 coming to an end, people are making their resolutions for 2010. With that, many people are going to look all over the Internet and find weight loss success stories to motivate them. In that mix, a few will find mine. They will send me an email asking how I lost the weight, I will send them back the reply (Fruits Vegetables, working out, yadda yadda yadda), and then they will not find my answer so fun, and move on. Trust me, it happened at the end of 2008. So for the rest of this year, I am going to tell you my weight loss story the way you want to hear it. My creative variations. Mega exciting! One Simple RuleBy Tony Posnanski Being 420 pounds was tough. I could not breathe properly or put on a seal belt. Life was tough. I did not know how to lose […]