Just a quick post, but it is that time again…….. Let me know if you would like me to add your blog to my blogroll. I have done this before. The easiest way is please leave your full address on the comment. No strings attached, I want to add as many as possible!!! Also, please give your comments to one of my favorite bloggers Pamela! Pamela, you have nothing to have “shame” about. You are a wonderful person!

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. It was taken last year at 288 pounds. I just lost over 130 pounds. The sweatshirt and shorts were both XXL and the first time I have worn that size in years. I was eating healthy and feeling great. I love this picture because this is where I should have quit………. but I did not. Over the years I have lost a lot of weight. If you are reading this blog, I will assume you have done the same. Well, every time I lost weight very quickly at first, and then it did not come off. I would be in a “plateau” stage. Being in the “plateau” stage of a plan is the hardest thing in the world. You question your eating and workout plan.You look for other options.You ask yourself if this is really worth it. Once you question yourself, […]

I love electronic gadgets. One of my favorite gadgets is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that sync with my iPhone. I can listen to wireless music and take phone calls if I need to at the gym. Ahhh, work, music and family all in one! Well, today about two minutes into my cardio workout, my headphones died. Somebody left them on overnight! I am not going to name names, but his name rhymes with Tony Posnanski. Anyway, this brings me to the ultimate workout dilemma. I have never worked out without music. There have been times when my Ipod was not charged and I did not go to the gym. There have been times when my Ipod died and I left the gym. NO MUSIC! With a baby, I do not have the luxury of relaxing all day long. I needed the workout or I would not have one today. […]

“If you really hate anonymous comments then why don’t you just take that option off!!!!” Because sometimes they are exactly right and exactly what I need to hear.“why can’t you get someone to take your picture? You always take it yourself. Are you embarrassed to ask someone to do it? Why can’t you get your wife to do it?” -Anonymous Those pictures that I take of myself do not resemble my time at the gym. See, I work out in a hoodie and shorts all the time. I have over 40 hoodies and 20 pairs of shorts. Oh, how I love hoodies! I hate wearing a tank top. I wear it for maybe 27 seconds of my time at the gym. I take a couple of pics on my phone and then throw my hoodie back on. I just do it to see progress, not to show off. The next […]

Do you remember in high school the cool muscular kid who wore the leather jacket and combat boots. He was mysterious, maybe a transfer from another school. He would lean against the wall with one boot up and smoke during lunch and everyone would wonder about him. Well, I remember him as well. He used to punch me in the face and call me “Beefboy“! I think people get the wrong idea about me. They see that I have been working out and eating well for a while. They think I have this no-nonsense approach on everything, like some boot camp crazy guy! How wrong they are. I am a weight-loss writer. I am not a fitness writer nor a health writer. I will always, always be a weight loss writer. I am like most that read this blog. I know that no one is ever cured from overeating. I […]

It is funny. I have probably 50 ideas to write about now. I have my Missouri 60 results, plateaus, Weight Watchers, and so many other weight loss topics to write about. Even a couple of sweet videos. Yet, I am going to wait a little….. You see, when I woke up, I saw my blogger friend Brandi upset with a comment she received on Friday. The comment talked about her character and the way she is living her life. Brandi seems to be an awesome person. She has always left me a great comment and been supportive of my journey. Read a few of her posts. You will see that she is a normal 20 something woman. Trying to get her feet wet in the world. Saving money, looking for love, while keeping a healthy perspective on working out and food. Brandi, I might not comment on your blog a […]