Today is my birthday! That is right, now I am 34. Mid Thirties. Or, I could say Thirty and Flirty (wink wink) yet 34 and a snore sounds better. I feel a little lazy. I woke up at 8. I usually wake up at 6. I stole the title for this blog from the first blog I saw on the side of my blogroll. Yet, I am about to go to the gym. After I am going to buy some chicken and squash to cook. I am going to spend some time with my family and then workout again tonight. I never tell you all thank you, so I am saying it now. You know me from my 500 words I write about Fiber. You know me from my pictures. You know me from my sporadic comments. Yet, as much as I inspire some of you, you do the same. […]

I have never been a fan of cheaters. I think that people who cheat on their significant others are weak people. They do not have the courage to get out of a poor relationship (or are in a good relationship and make selfish moves) and they make decisions for their own personal happiness while hurting others. I think people who cheat at work are weak people. They can not get the results they need, so they “alter” numbers or people to get “false” results. It makes it harder for others to achieve those results. I think people who cheat in school are weak people. They could not take the time and effort to study of a test, so they get the answers from someone else. It stinks when you work hard for a B and someone else gets an A for doing nothing. With all this being said, I do […]

It is hard for me to believe that I have been on this journey for nearly two years now! I lost most of the weight the first nine months, and maintained the rest since. Out of all the pictures I have, the weight loss, and working out, the most asked question is: “So you do not splurge at all? You work out so much, you do not treat yourself to a burger or ice cream?” Here is the way I look at it: In two years: I had a babyI got promoted at my old job, and I am doing very well at my new oneInspired people with my storyAble to hug my wifePut on 32-34 waist pantsWear medium anything!Work out six days a week, now know as an active personNot tired all dayHave eaten different fruits and vegetables that I have not ever dreamed ofGained self-confidence in areas such […]

Earlier this week, I was coming home from work. It was a closing shift, so I left around 1am. While driving home on the highway, I noticed two bright lights in front of me. A car was going the wrong way on the highway, right at me. I swerved off the road quickly, and luckily did not hurt myself, anyone else or my car. I immediately called 911 to alert them of someone driving the wrong way. They could have been drunk, on medication, or someone who did not know any better. A couple of hours after the incident, my mind started to wonder. I was only a half a mile away from a bridge.If I was on the bridge, I would not be able to swerve out of the way.I also thought about if I did not react quickly enough. Then I realized something…… Two years ago, if I […]

I was hungry the other day, so I put a spaghetti squash in the microwave. After eight minutes, I heard a big boom. The squash exploded in the microwave. It took me a while to clean up the mess, and I could not eat any of the squash. I thought you would like to hear this on Thanksgiving Week. I mean, it is sometimes dangerous to eat healthy.

Yesterday, I got a Direct Message on Twitter from Mizfit which said: would you ever do this? She exposed herself on her blog. Now, I am pretty sure I was not the only one who got it. I was not singled out. Yet, it made me think. So many people are stripping down and revealing themselves. To me, a guy who was over 400 pounds, that is not revealing. I am going to expose something different about myself. See, you know a lot about me, yet you know absolutely nothing about me. You know those tank-top pictures you see of me plastered on my blog. Although that is me, that is a quick glimpse into me at the gym. The truth is that I hate wearing tank tops. I have never worn one for over ten minutes. I only wear it to take pictures for my blog and then […]