Leonardo Dicaprio was in TMZ today. I guess the paparazzi took a picture of him while he was at the beach. It looks like the photographer was either in the ocean or far away. Either way, TMZ took the picture as Leonardo was fat. So they ran with it. The called him the infamous “Leolardo Diflabrio“. They made a reference to movie he was in that had an eating title (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and made numerous old fifth grade jokes about him being fat. The weird thing is most of the commenters, who are usually just as harsh as TMZ, came to Leo’s defense. Men and women both came back at TMZ. My question is…if Leo was a woman, would the commenters be as kind?

Amini Terrell did something that she knew would get attention last week. On Hollywood Boulevard she decided to strip down to a bikini and strut down the road. She is 260 pounds and wanted to show others that beauty applies to every shape and size. While Fox News filmed her there were plenty of comments. One man claimed to have lost his appetite by viewing Amini in a bikini. One man said that she is the definition of sexy. One woman thanked her for doing it and one woman said it was embarrassing. Now everyone is going to have a different opinion on this topic. It just showed me one thing. Everyone has a “bikini body” and there is no need to shame yourself into thinking you do not. “Bikini Body” has got to be one of the worst self-image sayings out there. The media makes it out to be […]

I love cereal. I grew up with Cookie Crisp, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. I would eat huge bowls of it all day long. My favorite cereal of all time though was Frosted Mini-Wheats. Basically it was a wheat biscuit with one side coated with sugar. Their advertising campaign was they said the biscuit had a “split personality”. Because one side was coated with sugar, there was a sweet side and a “not so sweet” side. Kind of like you have two ways to look at everything. That is what I thought about this next story when I first heard it. Edmond Aviv, 62, from South Euclid, OH was not a good neighbor. In fact, he was a horrible neighbor. He was mean to Sandra Pugh and her disabled children. He would put dog feces on the kid’s wheelchair ramps. He would make derogatory names towards the kids when […]

“Chocolate chip or sugar, sweetie?” My son loves coming with me to the grocery store. He loves pointing out all the foods that he has learned about in school and likes to help pick out what to get for dinner. He is four and he already can read words like coffee, deli and meats. Once in a while he gets one of the free cookies at the bakery. It is his “moment” to ask for one. It must be a cool feeling for a four year old to get something for himself without having any money. Kind of an empowering moment for a kid. A couple weeks back we went grocery shopping. My son was having a good day and he got a cookie at the store. He told the baker thank you like I make him do every time. While he was eating his cookie a woman dressed in […]

The trailer for Girl Meets World has hit the Internet with incredible excitement. It has been 14 years since Boy Meets World was on the air and young adults are going to relive their youth. Boy Meets World was primarily about a boy named Cory and a girl named Topenga. It showed them growing up with friends and teachers and so on. The love interest with Cory and Topenga grew and you got to see the Matthews family grow stronger and Mr. Feeny give great life lessons. And every show had a lesson. I learned something today as well. I am old. See, Boy Meets World came out when I was 18 years old. I was always a big fan of TGIF on ABC. I loved shows like Perfect Strangers and Full House on Friday nights. I loved shows like Family Matters (spinoff from Perfect Strangers) and Just The Ten Of […]

I am an accountable person. I will own up to my obesity. I will take credit for where I am in my professional life. I have faults as a parent and sometimes I can be a selfish husband. Today I was wrongfully accused! I was blamed for one of the most horrific crimes at the gym. One that happens more than most like to admit. And I have no idea why. I was accused of farting by the elliptical machines. First and foremost, I am known for epic farts. I primarily eat fruits, vegetables and beans. I am well aware of the gas that comes out of me. Sadly so is my family. I try to be respectful and run away when I feel the need to fart. I hold it in and try not to let any of it leak out. Today I was on the elliptical machine when […]