Lillian Skinner is a high school senior at Grand Prairie High School is described by her friends as “sweet” and “amazing”. She is always the first person to say hi to others and she always is in a good mood. She also was part of a cruel prank last week. Some mean girls convinced her that she was nominated for homecoming queen when she actually was not. A couple of Lillian’s friends found out about the prank. Naomi Martinez and Anahi Alvarez were both nominated for homecoming queen. They have known Lillian since seventh grade choir and decided to fight back. They did not tell Lillian she was a part of a mean prank or try to fight back at the girls who were a part of the bullying. Instead they made a pact. They promised each other that if either of them won the title of homecoming queen, they would give […]

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the Meghan Trainor “All About That Bass” song. Not so much for the lyrics but more about the beat. It was just a song I could not get into at the gym or driving. I will commend Meghan on the song. It has received a lot of criticism because of the lyrics. Some I cannot dispute. I mean, I do not think that a size two is any better than a size 12. I do not think a ton of moms would tell her daughter a guy likes a little more booty at night. Well, maybe they would. I do not think that being thin should be compared to a Barbie Doll. But at least her song was an attempt! It is also easy for me to sit back and make these comparisons. Meghan wrote the song. […]

I am irritated and mad. Let me tell you why. Molly Daun is passionate about sports and people. About a month ago she entered a contest to be the next FOX Sports North Girl. She was not hesitant about doing it. She wanted to represent Minnesota and show girls that anything is possible. She was nervous but thought it would be a great thing to represent Minnesota sports. She told her friends… Growing up a “bigger” girl, I have always been self conscious about the things I can and cannot do, so I was really nervous to enter this contest. But I’ve decided, no matter what you look like, or where you come from, if you’re passionate about one thing, you should follow your heart and your dreams. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to share my love of MN Sports with fans from all walks of life. What […]

Dear Abby, On August 10th you responded to a woman who asked advice about wearing a swimsuit at her mother’s house. She told you that she was 60-70 pounds overweight, that people around her did not mind; yet her mother had a problem. You responded to her question. You told her that it was her mother’s house and her rules. Which is the response to the question. Then you wrote two sentences about how she should go to the doctor about her obesity and how her mother would be prouder of her if she lost weight. You said… While you say you are comfortable in your own skin, it would be interesting to know what your physician thinks about your obesity. I suspect that your mother would be prouder of you if you were less complacent and more willing to do something about your weight problem. Of course you got […]

To the man who does not like kids, I saw you at the restaurant the other night. My wife was at the hotel with our baby so my son and I met up with our family. My son was not misbehaving but he was impatient. He was tugging on my shirt and asking me when was his food arriving. He was pouting a little bit. He kept on asking to use my iPhone to play a game. He was not yelling but he was a little louder than normal. You kept on looking at me. You were giving me those nasty looks. I have seen them numerous times when I manage a restaurant. I saw you get a manager and I knew you asked if you could move away from us. We were bothering you. You were able to move you to another area away from my son. I am […]

I am not a Twitter person. I actually do not like Twitter at all. Sending out tweets is like throwing pebbles at Mount Everest. No one ever hears what you have to say, you have a limited amount of characters, and it is hard to keep up. Even when I am funny no one responds… I set 11 alarms on my iPhone. You know, just in case the first 10 do not wake me up. — Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) September 9, 2014 Maybe not that funny, but I am trying! My work is on a huge Twitter kick. They are asking everyone to try Twitter to promote our latest initiative, which is an extremely good cause. So I have decided to dust it off and try it again. I started a couple of days ago. I was tweeting and not getting any reactions. I would use the specific hashtags for work […]