Laura Cacdac was quite upset the other day when her six-year-old daughter Charley brought home a sealed letter from the school. The letter stated that Charley was over the 85% percentile for BMI for her age and sex. This letter was sealed and sent by the school’s nurse to the parents, which is regulated by the Palm Beach Heath Department to monitor childhood obesity and other things. This program is for students in Florida to test items vision, hearing, Scoliosis, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Laura was outraged. She rightfully defended her daughter saying that she eats fruits and vegetables, and she is not fat. Here is a copy that the State of Florida uses. In the letter, fat is used in two contexts. One was describing “body fat” and the other was saying how body fatness is different for boys and girls. The letter that was sent home with […]

I get asked questions often about being overweight and weight loss. One that comes up often is sex from both men and women. People want to know how sex is after losing so much weight. Is it better? I can tell you how it was much more sporadic before my weight loss. I never felt right about being so heavy on top or anywhere else. Now this is not true for everyone. It was for me. I get asked the “If it is TMI I understand” question a lot. It is always from very nice people who want an answer. They are not trying to be personal on my end, but want to know for themselves. I have realized that there are no dumb questions in weight loss. There are no offensive questions. Some people just do not know. Some people do not want to feel alone. They do not […]

At Valley Grande Elementary in Selma, Alabama, corporal punishment is an option for parents. They can sign a waiver to allow the school to discipline their students as a last resort instead on a suspension. They can spank the children with parental consent. So on January 21st of this year, a sixth grader was misbehaving at school. He was talking and chewing gum and being disrespectful. When the teacher gave him a note to take home, the young man threw it out. Instead of giving him a suspension, the school decided to discipline him with a paddle. While the paddling was supposed to be on his bottom, it missed on the second swing and hit “more on the thigh area” as the principal of the school said. The boy moved during the second swing. The sixth grader went back to class and did not feel well. He went to the school […]

To Lauren, “Demand excellence and accept nothing less” is a phrase used in business. Bosses tell their employees that when they receive sub par work. CEO’s of companies tell this to their leadership team to motivate them. It is used to make people better and to expect others to be better. Sometimes I think that people do not know what excellence truly is. Today when I walked into your restaurant I knew it was going to be rough, or so I thought. I looked around and saw a lot of dirty tables. There was no host to greet us because she was writing down a drink order. In fact, every employee walked by us looking down. I know they noticed us. They just did not want another table to walk in. After a few minutes, you waved to us and told us we could sit down in your section, and […]

“Will die of a heart attack at age 36. Just be ready. It’s TERRIBLE what you promote to young people” – Shaun via Twitter “I’m fat and I don’t want to see that. There has to be a middle ground between “Size six is plus size” and “Arm fat rolls”.- Meghan via The Stir “Terrible. She is not a plus size model, she is a model for obesity… “– IZ Da Good via The New York Times Tess Munster is not oblivious to the world around her. She never was. She has heard the criticism. He has heard that she has a beautiful face. “If only” was her barrier to being beautiful. If only Tess lost weight. If only Tess were taller. If only Tess tried harder. As a teenager in Mississippi, she heard many people tell her that she was not pretty enough, skinny enough or tall enough to […]

This whole situation does not sit well with me. It is one of those stories that most people would not care about. It is one of those that the Internet takes out of proportion. It is one that will garnish comments like “Get over it,” and “Who cares…next!” But I believe in fairness. I believe that people and companies feel they can get things over the “little guy/gal” because no one will ever know. Well, I write based on what I believe. Laura Williams was excited to see that her blog was getting a few more views than usual yesterday. She noticed it because of the Google search Cauliflower “Chicken Nuggets”. She was thrilled. Or so she thought. She realized that The Doctors had a recipe for Cauliflower “Chicken Nuggets” on their show. They all talked about it as you can see below. In fact, one of the doctors even […]