When I took a tour of the new gym I signed up for, the owner of Anytime Fitness was telling me about all the cool things they had. They had boot camps and elliptical machines. They had more kettle balls than the eyes can see. They had machines and resistance bands. They had a Biggest Loser contest going on and all the latest supplements. Then, he showed me this room in the back of the gym. Nothing pretty. A couple of boxing bags, free weights, and some benches. A squat rack, dumb bells, a water fountain. The walls were a dull yellow. The floors were matted. I looked at the owner and said… “Is this heaven?” I am not a runner. I wish I was, but I never liked running. Most weight loss bloggers run. They sign up for 5K events, and then buildup to half marathons. They have shoes […]

I am not going to lie, when I first went to the gym, I did not think i would like it. Why would I? I was on a treadmill for less than a minute, I could not fit on most of the machines,and I swear people looked at me funny. Yet, I have realized that it is a place that I love.I will love the gym for a long time. Every so often, I want to write about the gym. I try to go for a couple of hours a day. I could work out from home or run around the neighborhood, but there is something special to me about the gym. Maybe it is because I did not think I would like it. Maybe it is because I was not supposed to like it. So every so often, check in here. I will tell you a funny tale about […]