I get emails a lot from diet companies. Because I am a member of a lot of different forums, I receive letters about interviews, trying new pills, and talking about my “secrets”. Today I got an email titled “Fat Loss 4 Idiots”. Basically, it was how stupid people (which obviously is me) can lose weight. I only read a little because I was not going to pay $20 to download the whole thing. But they were going to help me!!!! The best part of the whole email was this picture. Now, I have seen a ton of different pictures, but this one is the best in my opinion. Here it is! A cute girl looking confused. In one hand, she has a piece of cake. In the other hand, she has carrots. She is looking at the carrots, but should she eat the entire bunch of carrots or enjoy the […]

I woke up a little later than I wanted. I was a little irritated because I had a lot to so this morning. There was no option for me. I promised myself I would go to the gym, blog, clean a little and catch up on a few things. I just needed to work a little harder. So I did. I cleaned. I walked the dog. I am at the gym. I am blogging. Besides for the water intake, protein, Insanity infomercials, and diets, I learned one thing about me. In life, you have successes and failures. Both are important. For me, I will accept one option. 224 pounds .