I am going to be running around tomorrow morning and then I have to work all day, so I decided to weight myself today. The Anti-Jared- 226 lbs. That is a three pound gain from last week. Honestly, I could have waited till tomorrow to weigh myself. I could have figured out a way to do it. I could have worked out, then weighed myself, then blogged on my iPhone, then….. The truth is I do not make excuses. I promised myself that I would track my food this week, and I did not. I work out hard. I eat well. But I ate more pineapple than I should have. I ate more chicken than I should have. It does no good to beat yourself up over anything unless you do something about it. That is what I do not like about weight loss. Someone will gain a little weight, […]

When I took a tour of the new gym I signed up for, the owner of Anytime Fitness was telling me about all the cool things they had. They had boot camps and elliptical machines. They had more kettle balls than the eyes can see. They had machines and resistance bands. They had a Biggest Loser contest going on and all the latest supplements. Then, he showed me this room in the back of the gym. Nothing pretty. A couple of boxing bags, free weights, and some benches. A squat rack, dumb bells, a water fountain. The walls were a dull yellow. The floors were matted. I looked at the owner and said… “Is this heaven?” I am not a runner. I wish I was, but I never liked running. Most weight loss bloggers run. They sign up for 5K events, and then buildup to half marathons. They have shoes […]

For the last few months, I have been building muscle. Funny thing is, when you gain muscle, you also gain weight. I am happy where I am at, but am trimming down a little. No more eight pound a week loses, no more gain/lose weeks. Just a slow ride to get to 200 pounds. I set a goal for December 31st in a challenge called “All Losers” challenge. Anyone is welcome to join! So every week I will write my weight, and I little commentary. Get ready!

“Why do I want to be more active? So I can find my real person that’s been trapped inside for years!” –Janyne from Facebook (And GRUVE Winner) Dear Diet Guru, I get it. You inspire people all over. Moms who struggle with weight love you. Dads who need to lose the beer gut shout your name. Obese people need you and people who lost weight want to be you. Why am I different? Why do I not want to be you. I think about it all the time. I was that 400 pound person. I made a blog. I talked about my weight loss. I did not write you nor think about you. Yet, at the time, I wanted to be you. I wanted to be the guy that would save the world, or at least make money doing so. You tell people that you will help them lose weight. […]

The Anti-Jared- 225 lbs. Jack Sh*t- 210lbs. Yeah, a few months ago you made a post about how you could get a publicist and do this and that and be sorta famous. I’m sorry for the horrible paraphrase…You said you didn’t want that. But why not. I mean you had it all written out like you had given it thought, and you have a great story. You’re already touching lives to some extent, why not give it a go and pitch a show or something? -Stan from Facebook I love “Thong Song” by Sisqo. I do not like the alternative versions by suburban bands of the song. I do not like the version on Glee. There is only one “Thong Song” for me. It is the orchestra in the back and then Sisqo singing about thongs with an incredible amount of passion. I heard the song today at the gym. […]

The Anti-Jared- 225 lbs Jack Sh*t- 210 lbs I am at the gym right now so I can not center this post. I can not link anything from my iPhone nor can I do my famous triple spacing between sentences. I can tell you I tracked everything this week. I worked out every day……hard. I am focused, determined and a few other inspirational words. Jack had a great week as well and I am proud. He has worked out hard as well. He has eaten well also. It showed with a huge loss!! Well, wanted to keep you updated, but I need to get back to working out….. .