I remember looking in the mirror for my holiday party. Usually, I am not excited to go, but this year I was. I lost 70 pounds this year. I always wore pants or blouses in sizes that started with two. Everyone told me I should dress up. This holiday party I was going to surprise everyone. People have come up to me and asked if I lost weight. They knew I had. My co-workers have seen me eat healthier foods. They knew I was working out. I have not bought new clothes, so I looked frumpy at work. Well, my co-workers were in for a surprise. I bought a size 12 dress. I never wear dresses. This black dress looked great on me. I even got heels to match. I remember looking in the mirror. I remember being proud of myself. The dress went a little above my knees. It […]

“My table wants to see you.” In 2009, I was promoted to managing partner for an Italian restaurant in Maitland, FL. I was a long time chef there and finally had my chance to shine as the big boss. I also made the decision to lose weight. I was over 400 pounds for most of my career there. Then in 2008 I made the decision to lose weight. I lost over 220 pounds. When the server told me that a table wanted to see me it did not seem like a big deal. I was sure that the food was cold or the service was slow. It rarely was a fun conversation but necessary. When I looked at the table that wanted to see me I noticed that I recognized the guy. It was Marc Mero. I saw him in the restaurant numerous times. He is kind of a local […]

WSMV Channel 4 “For Sale in Sumner County, TN.” is a Facebook group that has close to 20,000 members. It is known as a BST (Buy Sell Trade) site that you can get and sell items quickly. They sell a variety of items from wedding dresses, diamond rings and children’s clothing. Most of the items get a little attention. In fact, many members type “bump” just go get their items seen. Some items sell quickly. There was a sweater dress that sold within minutes the other day. Recently they have had a lot of prom dresses for sale since it is getting close to prom season. 18-year-old Kristen Layne wanted to sell her junior prom dress from last year and get a new one. So she posted a picture of her dress along with the price. Once she posted a couple of men posted that Kristen was fat and not […]

I have been married for 11 years now. My brother has been married for over 15 years. My parents have been married for over 50 years and my in laws will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year. Today I heard about “Divorce Parties“. A big lavish party celebrating divorce. A celebration of a marriage that went sour. Drinking and eating after signing a lot of papers. Believe it or not, I agree with these parties. I do not think people should stay together if they are not happy. I do not think a woman should be with a man who hits her and a man should not be with a woman who cheats on him. I think that it is easy to say that marriage is a life long commitment but much harder to accomplish if things are not going right. I am not saying that divorce should […]

Dear Emily Yoffe (AKA Dear Prudence), I wanted to write you this letter to thank you. I am sure you get a lot of these letters since you deal with giving advice all of the time. I am also sure you get your share of letters disagreeing with you. I will be honest; I do not read your advice column that often. A lot of times the topics do not interest me, so I skip them on my Facebook feed. You have said things in the past that I do not agree with. We do not share the same views on many topics. I will say, I do agree with your advice on fat shaming. About a month ago I saw a Dear Prudence called Butter Brawl. A woman wrote to you about her Thanksgiving dinner. She said that her cousin, who recently lost a lot of weight, was giving […]

Dear Gold, I assume Gold is your name since I heard you say that this is your gym. I heard you telling your friends that you hated when the “newbies” come to your gym after New Years Day. You were telling your friends that the “newbies” are not serious about their fitness, they will quit in two weeks, and they know nothing about working out. For you, it is just a huge pain. I am one of the “newbies”. You could probably tell by my brand new gym clothes that I have not set foot in a gym before. I am the one that thought I could lift 60 pounds on some shoulder machine…but could not. I am the one that went from treadmill to treadmill because I had no idea how to turn them on. I am the one that did not wipe my machine down right after using […]