Like many teens, Patrick Farves of Central York High School is thinking about going to prom. He was deciding whom to ask when the perfect date popped into mind. So on Thursday he decided who to ask. During an assembly he asked guest speaker Miss America Nina Davuluri. He politely asked and gave her a plastic flower. Because of the cheers she have no answer. He then asked for a selfie with her which she said “maybe later.” Farves was warned if he asked her he would face disciplinary actions. He has been suspended for three days. Now he is still thinking about going to prom, but by himself. I know all about prom. I can help Patrick go with the most popular girl in school. See, when I was in high school I was a nerd. I did yard work for extra money and saved for a telescope. I […]

I love the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I love the face my eight-month-old daughter smiles and tries to dance when she hears it. I love when my son yells “Happy!” when he hears the first few notes of the song in the car. I play the song during every workout now. I also love to see people around the world dancing to the hit song. I know there is a little controversy to the video claiming that it was a copy of a Girl Talk video from 2011.The video makes me smile though. Happy is a song that just makes me…happy. I think about my wife and kids and their face every time it is played. So now I will defend “Happy”. Recently the Internet found a copy of the “Happy” video that does not have music. It has Pharrell and others before they dubbed the hit song into […]

There is a controversy in El Paso, Texas. Some fourth graders were sent home homework that many parents would find controversial. The kids were sent home with some reading questions that were a little too real to life. One question seemed to touch on a mother losing a son in the military and one was about a child breaking a window and an angry mother. These were sent to pre teens. One other question has actually been in circulation before. It is about a woman who finds a hair clip under her bed that is not hers. The problem with the questions is that there really is no evidence for the perceived answer. So I thought I would answer the question about the hair clip unlike a fourth grader would. I will answer it like a grown up. Here is the question… Ruby sat on the bed she shared with her […]

The other day I was recommended by my friend “Pajama Pants” to be interviewed about the dress code for parents being proposed in Florida. Here is the story. A Broward County Schools board member Rosalind Osgood brought up the topic of parents having a dress code at a recent meeting. She made the claim that it is hard to get a child to dress a certain way when their parents do not. She also said that parents should not wear curlers, sweatpants that sag and short shorts when picking up their child. Now, I am a fan of dress codes for kids in schools. It makes things easier for kids and for parents. I think that Rosalind is completely missing the point of dress codes for parents. I think she should be more concerned about parents taking their children to school or the bus stop. See, I have a dress […]

Sharny Kieser is a trainer known as “Fitmum”. She is in the news now for encouraging women to take a picture of them in a bikini to inspire themselves to get back into shape after the baby. She has had four kids and one on the way! She has posed in numerous bikini shots. The pictures are not photoshopped which has inspired some. Of course, she has received some backlash in social media for her antics. That is not my problem with Sharney. My problem is the comments her and her husband made in April of 2013 about “fat” people… “We’re sick of fat people complaining and moaning about their weight, like they are victims. There is a small proportion of obese people who genuinely need help. The problem is the other group of people who are fat and lazy; who just take advantage of all the help that is out […]

Leonardo Dicaprio was in TMZ today. I guess the paparazzi took a picture of him while he was at the beach. It looks like the photographer was either in the ocean or far away. Either way, TMZ took the picture as Leonardo was fat. So they ran with it. The called him the infamous “Leolardo Diflabrio“. They made a reference to movie he was in that had an eating title (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and made numerous old fifth grade jokes about him being fat. The weird thing is most of the commenters, who are usually just as harsh as TMZ, came to Leo’s defense. Men and women both came back at TMZ. My question is…if Leo was a woman, would the commenters be as kind?