Kendell Smith of Cary, NC issues a challenge for real men. In his video on Facebook he said that not all men can do this and he hopes all men are up for the challenge. Post by Kendell J. Smith. He then grabbed his son and gave him a kiss. He then challenged dads to be a father. He said, “Take care of your kids. Be there in their lives and mean something to them.” I accept the “Dad Challenge”. Well, I accepted it over five years ago. I made the commitment to be there for my kids no matter what. I brought them into this world and it would be unfair not to be there for them. I made the commitment to be a better person for my kids. I like the “Dad Challenge”. I also think that the “Dad Challenge” is more than making a video. Some dads are […]

I have known Keith for over 10 years now. He was a server for a restaurant that I was a chef at. A 400 pound chef. He is an extremely talented and good person. He does some acting. He dances with stilts. He made it to the finals on America’s Got Talent one year for it. Keith met a girl named Michelle. The hit it off and married a few years back. I met her a few times as well. She is just as good of a person as Keith is. Today I was scrolling through Facebook. I came across a selfie of Keith and Michelle. I did not think anything of it and started to scroll past it when I saw the word “Un-married”. I stopped and scrolled back up. I saw a smiling selfie from two people who were officially divorced. They took the picture at court. I […]

Dear John Grosso (CEO of Portrait Innovations, Inc.) My name is Tony Posnanski and I am a writer. I am also a customer at Portrait Innovations. Both of my children have taken pictures there. Both times we have set a budget and have exceeded our budget. Your company does a great job of taking too many cute pictures. We always get more pictures than we anticipated. Either way, we are always happy. I know your company does a great job with family photos. WSMV Channel 4 In McMinnville, TN there is a woman by the name of Sandy Luna. She is battling cancer and asked a friend to help her out. She had some items she wanted to donate and needed help bringing them to Goodwill. She dropped off the items and an hour later realized that she donated four family pictures. She did not realize it and rushed back […]

It is happening again. Another 5K company is canceling a race on their own and not refunding money. Remember I just wrote about Dirty Girl Mud Run not to long ago. You would think that with the publicity it got that these other race organizers, which make a ton of money, would not let it happen again. Well, you thought wrong. Run or Dye has cancelled their latest race in Daytona Beach set for September 13th. Even though the race is more than three weeks away, they have determined they will not have enough participants to break even. So they cancelled. Keep in mind that there are 700 people who did sign up for the race and they each paid $35 to enter. They are also still publicizing the race. So where is the $20,000 going? They obviously did not have to pay for any supplies or rental for the […]

I was on Facebook the other day and my friend James asked his friends for a favor. One of his coworkers has a daughter who is in the running to be the next FOX Sports North girl. I clicked on the link and saw a minute video about why Jessica should be the next FOX Sports North girl. I had no idea what I was voting for. So I looked into it. Here is what I got. The FOX Sports North Girls serve as the connection between Minnesota sports teams and the fans. The Girls are all about the fans first and the passion we all share for our local teams. The FOX Sports North Girls represent FOX Sports North, and are involved with everything that matters to the fans and the community. The Girls are on-air promoting games and making appearances at games, charity events and other local events. […]

To the man who never ate a salad, I still love that! Come on Sean, you NEVER ate a salad? Like never! I remember when we first spoke five years ago. Two weight loss bloggers in a world of daily updates. Both just begging for the chance to be noticed by the rest of the world. You interviewed me for one of your podcasts. I do not like giving interviews but I wanted to talk to you. I never knew anyone who weighed more than me. You weighed over 500 pounds. I never knew anyone who lost more than me. You lost well over 250 pounds. I did not want to be interviewed. I just wanted to talk to someone who knew what I went through. We talked for more than an hour. You promised me that you would edit the conversation so I would look good. You have a […]