Dear Shark Fitness Training,

I recently saw that you were at the same Cardinals game that I was. I assume that you were sitting right behind me. I did not pay attention to you because I am a huge Cardinals fan and was very excited to be able to go to a game.

I realized you were not interested in the game as much as you were about my weight and my eating habits. I noticed the next day that you posted pictures of me eating and commenting about my weight and my habits.

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You made it clear that you want to fight obesity through shaming me and that I cared very little about my health.

Well, let me tell you a little about myself.


My name is B. It was not that long ago that I was over 400 pounds. I struggled with eating and my weight for a long time. I was unable to do many of the functions that others could. I could not put on my pants one leg at a time. I could not cross my legs. Being over 400 pounds was hard.

So one day I decided to change. One day I told myself it was enough. One day I said that I could not do this anymore. I did not make that decision because of people like you. I did not make that decision out of tough love but rather love for myself.

Finally one day I decided to change.

And I did. I started to eat a little less. I started to move a little more. It is funny how easy “Eat Less Move More” truly sounds. Wow, it is so damn tough.

Then I lost close to 70 pounds. I walked into the park and took a seat at a picnic table. I cried my eyes out. I could not stop crying.

I did not cry because I was still well over 350 pounds. I did not cry because I was as you would say “A disgusting fat pig”. No, I cried because, for the first time in years, I was able to sit at a picnic table. I was able to do something that “normal” people can do. I started to get my life back.

The more weight I lost, the more I got back. I was able to walk over a mile. I was able to do 30 minutes at the gym. I was able to have my significant other give me a true hug. I was…

I was B again.


I have lost well over 150 pounds. I get it, to you I am still huge and gross but I can look in the mirror now. I love myself now. It is not easy.

I do Crossfit or Zumba. I never thought I could but I can! I go to the gym when I can. I try to get into a fitness class when I can as well.

I also made a promise to track whatever food I possibly could no matter what. What you do not know is that as much as you think I was “too fat to fit in a seat”…

That was the first game I was able to go to. That was the first time I was able to fit into that seat. And as much as you wanted to “track” my food and tell me how horrible it was, I can tell you by MyFitnessPal app, which I love, I had 1400 calories. I also worked out that morning, and when I went on the scale today, I was down three pounds from last week.

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I noticed today you compared yourself to fitness guru Maria Kang, and that is a joke. She might hate obesity, but she does not “hate” obese people. She might want to fight particular foods, but she does not “single out others”. She is a trainer, you are not.

I have a trainer, and you give trainers a bad name. A true coach would never judge or insult others without knowing their story. In fact, they would not insult them at all.

I was upset at first that you posted my pic but after the response I am proud. I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am proud of the person I am. I am proud that I went to the game and was able to get in that seat.

I have no words to say to you. I did not pay attention to you at all. As I said, I went to watch a game, not to humiliate others.

Next time you see me, do me a favor and say hi…

I would love for you to meet a true weight loss success story…

Actually, you already did…just never knew it.



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