I get asked questions often about being overweight and weight loss. One that comes up often is sex from both men and women.

People want to know how sex is after losing so much weight. Is it better? I can tell you how it was much more sporadic before my weight loss. I never felt right about being so heavy on top or anywhere else.

Now this is not true for everyone. It was for me.

I get asked the “If it is TMI I understand” question a lot. It is always from very nice people who want an answer. They are not trying to be personal on my end, but want to know for themselves.

I have realized that there are no dumb questions in weight loss. There are no offensive questions. Some people just do not know. Some people do not want to feel alone. They do not want to be the “only ones”. That is why my story is out there; I do not want anyone to feel alone.

The “If it is too much information I understand” is about sex. The question usually goes like this…

“Hey, real quick. How was your sex life after you lost weight? I am not trying to get personal, so I do apologize if I offended you. If this is TMI, I understand.”

I never know how to respond to the questions.

So, here it goes…..

Tony’s tips on a better sex life

1. Know what you are working with- I was just under the 300 mark. One day I woke up and went into the bathroom. I started to scream. My wife ran in there and asked me what was wrong. I told her “Nothing, I just realized I DID have a penis!” By the way, you know that “Every 30 pounds you lose adds an inch.” Yeah, not always true.

2.Role Play- I went to my wife once and romantically said “Let’s do it!”. That led me to taking out the trash since my romantic interlude did not work. While taking out the trash, I realized I could curl the 40 pound bag of trash like 30 times. When I came back in and told my wife what I did, she said I was a goober. I told her she was wrong; I was role playing a goober.

3.Whisper Sweet Nothings- When my wife and I went to Target, she asked me about the Shake Weight. I told her “Hell, I practically invented it!”

4.Wear a Hoodie- I am not referring to a condom. I love hoodies, and anytime I can put my favorite article of clothing in a post, I will.

5. Buy Gifts- I came home one time with flour. I told my wife she gets made because I never get her flours. I got her a variety, including Semolina flour. She again was not amused.

Okay, so I know nothing about sex. In fact, this post is not about sex.

Instead, I am going to tell you what I do know…

Eleven Years ago I got married. On my wedding day, my wife and I had our first dance. I remember when we danced; she could not get her arms around me. We kind of danced like forced fourth graders. It bothered me.

I thought about it, and I realized that it was a long time since I got a real hug. Not because I did not deserve one, but because I could not get one. My wife was not able to get her arms around me.

After losing the weight, I remember my first hug. I remember the feeling of having both arms around me. It was amazing. It made me realize that as much as I love food, I would not, nor could not go back to being 400 pounds.

So honestly, there is one thing I can say about losing 200 pounds when it comes to sex, life, health, and love ….

Everything is better and worth the sacrifice.

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