At Valley Grande Elementary in Selma, Alabama, corporal punishment is an option for parents. They can sign a waiver to allow the school to discipline their students as a last resort instead on a suspension. They can spank the children with parental consent.

So on January 21st of this year, a sixth grader was misbehaving at school. He was talking and chewing gum and being disrespectful. When the teacher gave him a note to take home, the young man threw it out.

Instead of giving him a suspension, the school decided to discipline him with a paddle.

While the paddling was supposed to be on his bottom, it missed on the second swing and hit “more on the thigh area” as the principal of the school said. The boy moved during the second swing.

The sixth grader went back to class and did not feel well. He went to the school nurse who applied ice to his leg.

When the sixth grader mom, Mandy Anderson, picked up her son, the nurse informed her that the paddling her son received left a mark. He limped to the car and said he was sore.

Mandy was more upset with her son at first for misbehaving at school. When they got home, her son showed his mom the bruise.

Mandy was beside herself with the bruise that was left on her son. She looked on his bottom and noticed no mark. Just a gigantic bruise on his leg.

So she went to the school. The principal left for the day and would get back with her. In the meantime, she took her son to the doctor for medical attention and also filed a report with the local authorities.

So the school did an internal investigation and found no wrongdoing. They felt the teacher did not use excessive force, and the teacher was not trying to cause the boy any harm. They reported their findings as well to the local authorities. They did take corporal punishment as an option out of this school year. It will be up for a vote next year. They felt the negative publicity on it is undeserved.

Anderson has since gotten a lawyer outside of the area to handle the case.

Mandy’s son misbehaved and was disrespectful, but it was not a violent crime.

This is a picture of the sixth graders leg.


Courtesy Mandy Anderson


Is that excessive?

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