“All fat people want is an excuse but fatties have the one thing disabled people don’t have. They have choice. Nobody’s forcing them to shovel food in their faces.” – Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has recently gained 50 pounds to prove that there are no excuses with weight loss.

The star of The Apprentice and a TLC documentary about her weight loss/gain, Katie feels that obese people are lazy and it is extremely easy to lose weight.

So we wanted another perspective.

Tony Posnanski is known on the Internet as a weight loss inspiration. He was featured in Huffington Post, CNN, and Yahoo for his courageous 220-pound weight loss, which he has kept off since 2008.

Or so we thought.

We recently found out that he has gained close to 50 pounds this year. Of course, we thought it might be a publicity stunt. Of course, Tony is a “no excuse” guy who is all about courage! How could he possibly do this!

We asked him about his weight gain and the reasoning behind it.

It happens. Everyone struggles with something. I just happen to struggle with food.” Tony said in an exclusive interview.

We were shocked to hear his response. Such an angry man!

“It is just that weigh gain happens. I am tired of the media and weight loss gurus trying to guilt others. Because a celebrity can gain and lose weight quickly does not have anything to do with effort. Honestly, I could drink alcohol every day for three months and then quit. Should I say that alcoholics are lazy?Weight gain happens! It happened to me.” Tony said.

Here is a man who has it all. He lost the weight for his wife and now he looks much heavier than he did in his buff 2010 picture.

“ I have talked about my food addiction for a long time. I hate the relationship I have with food. It is one I would not wish on my worst enemy. Lazy…HA! I just find that funny in my life. I am not perfect. I am tired of these so-called “gurus” gaining weight to prove how easy it is to lose. That one bodybuilder did it and had a hit book about it. Well, all bodybuilders gain in the off season, so what?

I have money in the bank. Do I tell people who struggle with finances how easy it is to save money? Should I spend everything in the bank just to put more in there that I earn? No. So guess what. I struggle.

If that means I am not the inspiration people thought I was, well, then oh well. But I go back and forth. I am open about it. Most people are not. They want to tell you the good part. They want to talk all about the after picture.

 I will lose the weight on my terms. Gaining weight does not make you disgusting, or a loser. For me, it makes me human.” Tony told us.

We asked Tony how he felt his attitude was helping since we are in an obesity epidemic right now.

“You know something. If you have lost weight, chances are you have gained. Sure, there are people who think “fat” people are weak, stupid and lazy because they gain. Well, call me what you want. See, my struggles are easy to see. Your struggles may not be. Well, guess what. I am not perfect.

Now, that does not mean i am going to stop fighting. I will always fight. Honestly, I will lose the weight. I usually do. But I will never tell others that it is easy or simple. It is hard and if you struggle or fall it does not make you useless or a waste.” Tony said.

We asked Tony how did he gain that weight.

“I ate a lot of food.” Tony told us.

We asked Tony about excuses. It seems like he should have no excuses. That is the way the gurus talk about it today.

“Honestly, there are excuses out there. Some people can move past them and others cannot. I do not have any excuses for this year. I struggled. I had a good year, but it happens. It happens to more people than you know. There is no pity. I am not disgusting or weak. I knew that this would happen when I lost all of my weight in 2008. Guess what, my goal has always been to not be over 400 pounds again. I have been on track for a couple of months, but it is slow. I am used to fast results. I have no problem putting my story out there. I am just so tired of other saying how easy it is to lose weight or how YOU should be able to. Everyone is different. Everyone has their issues.” Tony said.

We asked Tony if he hated himself because of his weight gain.

“I hated myself at 420 pounds. It was one of my biggest regrets. No one should hate themselves because of their size.I promised myself I would never hate myself for any reason. I have a small heart full of love. There is no room for hate anymore.” Tony said.

Tony told us that he would be back to his 2008 weight by the end of the year. He has been working out hard and focusing on his eating much more.

“ I just want everyone who reads this to know that WE ALL STRUGGLE. Fat is not disgusting. Sure, you have to find something inside to make yourself better, but that is not mu business. It is not a gurus’ business. Because a woman gains 50 pounds or a “bodybuilder” gains weight (which most do in offseason) does not mean, that weight loss is easy. And no one is gross for gaining weight. It happens. You just have to find it in yourself to lose it…and I swear that is not easy. It is also no one’s concern.” Tony said.

We shall see where Tony goes.

But what I got out of it is that weight loss is not easy…

Because if it was, no one would talk about it.

I have no problem talking about it.

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