Superabs- “I have a kid.”
Tony- “I have two.”

Superabs- I have a six pack.”
Tony-“ Six pack??? HA!!!! I have a 24 pack… Dasani!”

Superabs- I have “no excuses” and everyone else should as…..

Tony- Let’s stop right there for a second…

I get it Superabs. You are now part of the long line of fitness peeps that have to rely on insulting others to get attention. Of course, you did not mean to insult others. I believe you. I mean, you know that few people have your body and many people workout and eat just like you do. I know, most people are just sensitive. I think the term is pansies. Most people cannot take the truth. You know, because if a mom does not have your body, she must be chilling on the couch.

Your life is fitness. Some people have other things in their lives as well. Since you make a lot of money on fitness, hence your job, I would hope that you would have no excuses.

The problem is that “no excuses” is a dumb phrase. It is meant to simplify something that is difficult. It is just like when my mom would end the conversation with “because I said so.”

The sad thing is that there are excuses. Some are justifiable, and some are not. I will agree with that. It is silly to say that because you did something that no one has any excuse, but to look like you. Well, I am a decent writer. Why hasn’t your writing been published and gone viral?

I am a father. I bought a six-pack. Come on, no excuses, right?

People deal with tragedies all the time. While I agree that fitness should be high on everyone’s agenda.

The reality is it is not.

While I would agree that everyone should eat less…it does not always work out that way.

You, like many others, made your picture about the world around you. You made it out wondering why people do not look like you. You cannot understand why a mother of four struggling with money cannot have the EXACT (remember I said exact because that is important) same body like you. You wonder why someone outside of the fitness industry cannot have the EXACT body like you. You wonder why everyone does not look like you do.

The truth is, there are mothers of four who make fitness a priority. They might not ever achieve perfect legs, but they will fight to try. There are women outside of the fitness industry who track their food and slip up from time to time.

There are people who have family members they take care of because they are sick. Fitness is the furthest thing on their mind.

Honestly, there are excuses. It is hard as hell to fight them. And true gurus realize that.

It is easy to tell someone they are a baby, whining, and making excuses. I am sure they will be all over the comments.

It takes a real professional to understand what an excuse is.

See, fitness is not about perfection.

It is about feeling better than you did before your workout.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.37.57 PM

Your picture is not fat shaming. I will agree with you on that.

It is ridiculous and dumb. It is a shame because the picture is really cute. I love your daughter’s reaction. You should have made it about you but instead you made it about the people around you. You made me judge you just like you judge us.

Either way, you wanted attention, so I gave it to you.

Honestly, there are so many fantastic and wonderful fitness professionals out there.

I am just sad that it is fitness people like you who get attention.

That is the shame of all of this.

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