Dear Gold,

I assume Gold is your name since I heard you say that this is your gym. I heard you telling your friends that you hated when the “newbies” come to your gym after New Years Day. You were telling your friends that the “newbies” are not serious about their fitness, they will quit in two weeks, and they know nothing about working out. For you, it is just a huge pain.

I am one of the “newbies”. You could probably tell by my brand new gym clothes that I have not set foot in a gym before. I am the one that thought I could lift 60 pounds on some shoulder machine…but could not. I am the one that went from treadmill to treadmill because I had no idea how to turn them on. I am the one that did not wipe my machine down right after using it.. I am also the one that was bench-pressing 45 pounds while you and your friends were lifting much more.

I made a commitment to become healthier on January 1st. While some roll their eyes, I need a New Years Resolution. I need that fresh start. It is easy to say that you can change your life any day of the year, but for some it is not that easy. I am good at so many things; I wish that eating and fitness was one of them.

But I made a promise to my family and myself to get healthier. So I made the leap to join a gym. For most people, this is an easy thing to do. For me, it is not. It is a scary place for me. I always feel judged in life as it is.

Sometimes in life you have to make a hard choice. I owe it to my wife and kids to be healthier. Heck, I owe it to myself. So I signed a year commitment to Gold’s Gym. I am sure they feel like I will quit in a couple weeks if not days. I do not look or act like I belong here.

Although I felt embarrassed today, I kept going. I read the instructions on the shoulder press machine and decreased my weight. I did eight repetitions. I found the courage to ask the lovely lady how to turn on a treadmill. I did 15 minutes on there. I realized that it was imperative to clean machines after every use so I rushed over to clean it before anyone else got on. I also was able to put on a little more weight and bench press 55 pounds.

I know that the new people at the gym are annoying, but I promise that you can use any piece of equipment you want. I will find something else. I promise not to use your 45-pound plates or your 80-pound dumbbells right now. I promise to be quick on your squat rack, and if you want to bench when I am on there, it is all yours.

But I am going to tell you that I will be back tomorrow. And then the next day. I will be back in a couple of weeks, and I will be here for all of 2015.

More than a cliché New years Resolution, I made a promise to my family and myself. I will learn more about your gym, and I will start lifting more. I will start running more.

And at the end of this year, when I am much more seasoned here, I will talk to my friends on the benches.

I will tell them I am excited about the new people at the gym.


The Newbie

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