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“For Sale in Sumner County, TN.” is a Facebook group that has close to 20,000 members. It is known as a BST (Buy Sell Trade) site that you can get and sell items quickly.

They sell a variety of items from wedding dresses, diamond rings and children’s clothing. Most of the items get a little attention. In fact, many members type “bump” just go get their items seen.

Some items sell quickly. There was a sweater dress that sold within minutes the other day.

Recently they have had a lot of prom dresses for sale since it is getting close to prom season.


18-year-old Kristen Layne wanted to sell her junior prom dress from last year and get a new one. So she posted a picture of her dress along with the price.

Once she posted a couple of men posted that Kristen was fat and not beautiful. One of the guys made a comment asking if the dress would fit in a Dodge Durango. She has heard the comments before and just replied “Can you please stop with the comments. Sorry I am not pleasing to the eye.”

And that is when it ended.

Because something happened that restored my faith in Facebook humanity. Keep in mind this is a buying and selling site.

The community came to Kristen’s defense.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.39.13 PM

They started to compliment the dress. They began to tell her she was beautiful. They started to find buyers for the dress.

Then one person knew a photographer for her next prom. Then another knew someone to help with her makeup at her next prom. Then one other person knew someone who would do her nails for her next prom.

Then one person started a GoFundMe to buy her next prom dress.

Then the post garnished hundreds of likes. It received hundreds of comments. All in support of Kristen.

Kristen did not know how to take it all since she said in an interview with WSMV that she had not been called beautiful often.

The dress made Kristen feel beautiful at her junior prom. She loved the patterns and the color. That is why she bought it.

She wants the next owner to feel beautiful as well…

Just like 20,000 of her friends did.

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