In 2010 Urban Outfitters designed a gray V-neck shirt with the graphic “Eat Less” on it. The model that wore it was very thin and it received a ton of criticism across the Internet. So much in fact that they pulled the shirts from their stores.

They have also made shirts that said “Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl” surrounded by dollar signs and most recently a shirt that glorified depression. They have truly made some offensive shirts and luckily the masses have spoken about the offensiveness of them. All have been pulled or altered.

Sidenote- maybe they should not make any more shirts?

When the “Eat Less” shirt came out, Sophia Bush, known for her acting in One Tree Hill, decided to take action. She blasted Urban Outfitters because of the shirt, defending the millions of women who have or have overcome an eating disorder. She decided to make a shirt as well with the slogan “Zero Is Not A Size”.


Today, if you look on Twitter and Instagram, you will see the #zeroisnotasize hashtag being used a little differently. What was supposed to be a comeback to an “Eat Less” shirt has become more of a “skinny shaming” slogan. Kind of like the “real women have curves” type of sayings.

So we have “fat shaming” shirts and we have “skinny shaming” shirts.

Now I would like to design a shirt.

I want to come out with the “I M Healthy” shirt.

This shirt will be a unisex shirt and I want to make it in every single size known to man. If you weigh 80 pounds or 480 pounds, this shirt will fit comfortably on you. It will come in every color as well. In fact, it will come in your favorite color.

See, healthy is not a “fat” or “skinny” thing to me. Those are descriptive words that truly are never accurate. I have seen guys call 110-pound women “fat” which made no sense. I have seen 125 pound women wish they were “skinny” which made no sense to me. No one should ever strive for either of those descriptive words.

People should strive to be healthy.

Before I go on, let me be clear that I refuse to EVER use healthy like many fitness gurus do today. So many have just replaced skinny for healthy, and that is not right.

Healthy is happy.

When I was 420 pounds I was not healthy. I hated my life and myself. I hated everything around me and I felt worthless. I wished every single day that I would just die because I felt like a burden on so many people. I would promise to eat better and always fail. Every single time.

My wife would tell me she wanted me to get healthy. She did not mean it like she wanted me to lose weight and get skinny. She wanted me to gain some confidence in my life. She wanted me to work on the daemons in my life known as food. She wanted to life a long life with me. Hell, lets be honest, she wanted me to want to wake up every day.

So on a Monday in 2008 I decided to change. I wrote down everything I ate. I ate the exact calories I projected for the day. I drank my water. It was hard. I wanted to eat a pizza so badly but I did not. I wanted to drink Coke but I passed. For one day I did exactly everything I was supposed to do.

And the next day I was not fat. Not in my eyes. Fat is a feeling of hopelessness. I was not hopeless anymore.

I was healthy. Yes, healthy at 417 pounds. For the first time in so many years, I was excited about the next day. And the next. All the way to where I lost 221 pounds.

But during that time I realized that “skinny” people have their own issues. Zero is a size! You cannot say that and think it is any better than saying “Eat Less”. It is still showing some sort of superiority towards a class of people. There are many women who wear zero. Some cannot gain weight. Some are happy. Some are healthy.

Just like “some” wearing any size of clothes out there.

Sadly we live in a society where we “fat shame” and “skinny shame”. None is better than the other.

When I walk into the hospital I see skinny and fat people. Fat people get diabetes just like skinny people do. Skinny people are attractive just like fat people are. Fat and skinny. Skinny and fat…


I just want to see more healthy people. Because healthy is not a size…

It is being happy.

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