I love writing about “Hot Facebook Mom” Maria Kang. She fascinates me. She fascinates me because she is still in the news for the exact same thing she did two years ago.

Here is a recap. She made a Fitspiration a while back. She asked, “What’s Your Excuse”. Some people hated it. They spoke. Then she spoke. Then it became a viral sensation.

That should have been the end of it but it was not. She went in the news again. Yahoo reported that she was banned from Facebook. It got big.

Then she was in the news again. Yahoo reported that she made a calendar of moms.

Then you guessed it…she was in the news again! And guess who reported it? YES! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I have noticed that ever time she is in the news Yahoo starts with “Maria is back in the news again.”

So I was all set to write about this controversy that will get some views because everyone loves to talk about Facebook Hot Mom. Some love her, some hate her.

Then something amazing happened. Something that I never thought I would do. It took precedent over writing about the Hot Mom thing…

I made sweet pickles.

I am a pickle fanatic. I love good kosher dills from our local deli or even from the grocery store. There are days when I am in the mood for a half sour and some days that I want it with more garlic.

I have never had the courage to make them myself.

But I did this weekend. I bought some cucumbers and some pickling spice and got a recipe from Pinterest made a recipe from my mind.

I was going to use the cucumbers whole but thought it would be better to go with slices to pickle faster and with more tartness. I really wanted the picking juice to soak in. I added garlic as well. FRESH GARLIC.

It took a few hours. I was nervous to eat them afterwards. I worked very hard on making these pickles.

I tasted one and I was in heaven. Then I gave one to my wife and she loved it. My son even ate one. Actually, he ate more than one. HE ATE FIVE!!!!!

Now I know what you want to ask. I feel that i have mislead you into reading my post. I know what is on your mind…

Why are you writing about pickles when you clearly wrote “sweet pickles”.

That is the game changer.

That is why I am writing about this today.

I took the pickle juice and added a touch of honey. Then I drizzled a little over the top. It made all the difference. I am proud to say that I am a pickle maker.


So I do apologize. I really wanted to write about that Hot Facebook Mom controversy that sounds like every other one that has come out over the last six months. I do think she will be in the news again. She will have another picture and she will hashtag famous people in her non-apology and Yahoo will break the story and everyone will be in an outrage.

I will never make another batch of these pickles. I am sorry…SWEET PICKLES!!!

These are more amazing that any story on the web.

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