Runner Monika Allen was thrilled when SELF magazine asked permission to use her picture in an upcoming magazine. She told all of her followers to keep an eye out because she would be in a very popular woman’s fitness magazine…

Only to see this.


That is right. SELF decided to use her photo to let all know about the “BS” of women running in tutus.

Here is the problem with all of this.

The picture was not from the NYC Marathon. It was taken last year in LA. And when the picture was taken, Monika was in the middle of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

The tutu represented freedom and empowerment. In fact, Monika made the tutus that her and her friend are wearing. She has made 2,000 of these and raised over $5,600 in the process for Girls On The Run.

Yet SELF decided to make fun. Maybe for more page views or to be shocking. Maybe because they love the movie Mean Girls a little too much or maybe because they are enormous jerks.

They have issued an apology yet the “BS” picture is still in print. Funny how people want to make fun of others without knowing the whole story. And even if there was no story, funny how a magazine who tried to empower others brings people down.

So please go over to Glam Runner to support Monika. A brave runner who helps others. Because she deserves the attention…

Not SELF Magazine.>

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