The image above was shared by a radio station. It shows a young woman in her before picture after a Color Run and an after picture of a woman dressed nicely smiling. It is of a woman who has conquered an eating disorder.

The picture has gone viral. Over 400,000 likes and tens of thousands of shares. The problem is that the radio station did not tell a story. They posted a picture that they knew would get views without a name or a story.

And the story is incredibly inspiring.

Please let me introduce you to Brittany Miles.

She posted the picture on Feb. 24th on her Tumblr account. She did it to thanks her readers for all the encouragement she has received to be where she is today.

She has battled anorexia for years after being shamed for her weight for years. Knowing she was in a bad place she gained the strength to change. While people were cheering her on for losing weight she knew she had a problem. She changed. She beat her eating disorder.

The picture with the story is amazing. I do not like when radio stations, news organizations and “viral” sites do not tell the true story. They post a picture or a snippet of something to gain more followers. Why 97.3 The Wave left out Brittany’s story is unknown.

But I did the research. I looked for her story so that people who read this blog can be truly inspired. Not a a picture, but by Brittany’s words.

Please go to her Tumblr site and say hi.
One more thing…

Brittany did say in one of her writings that she “may be fat but”.

As someone who has lived a long life of obesity and shame, I will tell you that you are not fat.

Just inspirational.

**Theantijared Note- When I first saw this image last night on Facebook I saw it had over 300,000 likes at the time. It was of a young woman who overcame an eating disorder. yet, there was no link or name associated. Just a picture shared by a radio station.

This morning I thought about it more and was bothered that I did not know the story behind the picture. I remember someone showing me online my picture that a supplement company shared that insinuated I lost the weight using their product. It had over 100,000 likes and my inbox was flooded with questions on a supplement I did not use. When I tried to fight back nothing came of it. 

So I researched Brittany’s picture. I noticed that Brittany posted on the radio stations’s Facebook wall to please share her story with the picture. She must have found out that her picture was used a couple days after it went viral and asked if they would include a link to her story. Her post was seven hours old at the time and no response.

I found her Tumblr page and wrote about her. Her page is very popular on Tumblr and the picture already generated 50,000 likes before it went “viral”. I wrote about it and posted. A little while later the radio station did add her link to the viral picture and posted her story on their page. The woman who posted all of this for the radio station is a huge advocate for young women and posts inspirational pictures to inspire others.

For me, I am more inspired by words than pictures. I think that Brittany’s words should have gotten more views, so I wrote this to promote her.



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