I am a huge fan of Ben and Jerry’s as a whole. I think that they work hard to come up with great flavors. I think that it is admirable that they use great ingredients. They are committed to being Non-GMO, and they do a lot of wonderful things for the environment…

I wonder on what planet is 4oz of ice cream a serving. How could there possibly be four servings in that tiny container?

I thought those were single size containers. The half gallons were for two. Right?

There are those who pull out a pint of ice cream and eat a little and then put it back. Those are the same people who leave half of a sandwich, do not finish their cake and even take home something called “leftovers.”

I call those people normal.

I am not normal.

I will never understand portion sizes. It started when I was a kid. I remember my first diet. I would eat a Chef Boy-Ar-Dee for dinner because it was one of the few items that labeled calories. I was trying to lose weight at the time, and the can was only 280 calories.

Until I looked at the can. It said there were two servings in the can. I thought it was a joke. I could not believe that two people could share a can.

How is the portion size of Coke 8oz.? Who cannot finish a can of soda?

How is a normal portion size of cereal ¾ of a cup? Really???

Why would they put two Hot Pockets in a box and think one is a portion?

And do not get me started on peanut butter and hummus. How is there 10,000 portions in each of those tiny jars/tubs? I thought it was one portion.

The problem is I do not understand any portion sizes.

I do not have to understand them. I have to respect portion sizes. I have to for my weight loss success.

I am one of the weirder weight loss stories out there. Most people who are successful try to give advice to others and seem to understand everything in the weight loss world. I do not. I am a success story, but I will never understand certain things. People always told me it would get easier to understand yet I feel lost at times.

I realize that I will never be a normal person. I will not be a normal eater. I look at food differently than most. I was once over 400 pounds.

And that is okay. Because I know, I will always have to respect food.

I stay away from foods I cannot control. “Everything in moderation” is a fantastic theory that works for the majority of people. I am one of the few that gets confused. I measure out foods that I know I will overeat on. I have to. I have to in order to never be 400 pounds again.

Success is not measured by the scale or a before/after picture. It is knowing your boundaries and respecting your limitations. Losing weight is not simple although it is in theory. I mean, eat less and move more. Being rich is simple in theory as well. Make a lot of money and do not spend so much.

I do not write about weight loss that much anymore. I like writing about parenting and things in the news. I think that weight loss is so diluted with so much information.

I will say I will never understand how there are four portions in a Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream.

I do not need to.

For me, my success is not from understanding the rules…

It is from respecting them.

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