Dear Gwyneth,

I know you have had a lot of letters written to you over the last few days. I know you have said it is harder to be a film star than to work 9-5, but hey, I think it is just hard to be a mom.

Today I am not going to chime in on my thoughts about that. I am not going to talk about the other news about you in the media, Tracy Anderson, or your appearances on Glee.

Instead I just want to tell you how much I hated the movie Shallow Hal.

I know I am in the minority on this. Some people say that when they want people to chime in and run to their defense. That is not necessary for me right now.

Whenever I have said I hate Shallow Hal, people have called me a soft, idiotic, sensitive person who is part of America’s problem. The movie was a romantic comedy and if I took it for more than that, I am an idiot. It had a valid point to many, which I did not see.

It was filmed in my hometown of Charlotte, NC. I remember the beginning scene was at BAR Charlotte and the workout scene was at a small gym by the Arboretum off of Providence Road. When it was filmed I was excited to see it. When I saw it, I just did not get it.

The premise of the movie was that Hal Larsen (Jack Black) was a man who was superficial. He was focused on physical beauty instead of inner beauty. So one day he was in an elevator with Tony Robbins who hypnotized him to see the inner beauty in people. He then fell in love with your character Rosemary Shanahan, who was obese. Granted, he was hypnotized so he saw Gwyneth Paltrow, but he saw your inner beauty. He then would see many people who were not attractive based on stereotypes but saw their inner beauty. Then your character drank a whole milkshake, broke a chair and had a pair of panties the size of Texas.

Okay, I am jumping ahead.

Once he was not hypnotized, he then realized that he was wrong and he fell in love with Rosemary.


Why do people think that because you are overweight you have a good personality? In fact, what is a “good personality”? Is it something that “society hot” people made up to make people like me feel better? Do “society hot” people not have good personalities? Everyone has a personality and all does not love everyone. There are many people who find me narcissistic, demeaning, annoying and sarcastic. Yet, I have always been told I have a good personality. Why, because of my waist size?

Why does someone have to look for inner beauty to love your character “Rosemary”? Is it that farfetched that someone could be attracted to a larger woman, or a woman with acne like Brooke Burn’s character Katrina?


Why is it so weird that a man could love a woman with two digits in her size? Or a woman could love a man who has a three-digit weight that starts with three? Or love someone with a nose that is different or yellow teeth?

Listen, I know I am reading more into it than I should. I wanted to like the movie. I wanted to truly appreciate the point, because it was meant to be sweet. A romantic comedy about a man who finds the inner beauty of a woman.

Instead all I saw was a movie that a man had to be hypnotized to actually love a “fat” woman.

And I cannot appreciate that.


Tony Posnanski

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