I remember a long time ago I told my wife there was no difference between Walmart and Target. She COMPLETELY disagreed with me.

She loves Target. I do feel that a lot of women love Target over Walmart and other retail stores.

Not all, but many.

I wonder if Target feels the same way?

See, Last year Target was in a little trouble for promoting a dress that was “Manatee Grey” for plus size women. Of course, in non-plus sizes the same dress was in “Dark Heather Grey”.

Women were offended and rightfully so. How hard is it to make a dress in “Dark Heather Grey” for all sizes? Why couldn’t they accommodate all women even if it was a special order online?

Target realized the mistake and issued an apology. They were embarrassed. They took the blame. They said it would not happen again.

Everyone accepted the mistake and Target was still loved by many women. Also men as I love Target.

Then later last year they got in trouble again. Target was promoting another plus size dress except they did not use a plus size model. No, they decided to use a woman who was clearly pregnant. You can tell by the way she is caressing her stomach in the picture.

Women were offended and rightfully so. How hard is it to use the correct model for the correct clothing? How many people saw the ad before it got published? They realized the mistake and issued an apology. They said it would not happen again.

Target was still loved by many people.

Now Target has done it. This week they have done some weird photoshop on a junior misses crotch. Why they would have to photoshop any junior miss is beyond me. It went online and people were mortified. It went viral and it was just a horrible depiction of what companies do to present their models.

Everyone was offended.

Target once again apologized.

Yet Target is still loved by many people.

Many call it Tarjay for its class.

Target has these crazy issues though. Three in the last year. THREE!!!

They have apologized for each one yet shouldn’t they have learned their lesson the first time?

It is obvious that many women love Target (and men as I love Target) yet Target always find a way to insult people. I am not even bringing up the security issue because that truly could have been in any corporation. (They did offer a sweet 10% for it. We saved $14 that day).

Target is loved by many but does not show it. Sure they have a Starbucks. Sure, it is easy to return items there. Sure, Archer Farms is a pretty good brand and yes, their dollar section is amazing.

Their credit card machines are the fastest I have seen and their clearance items are amazing. They give me coupons I will never use every time and the help phones work like a champ and their carts are made of the most solid plastic I have ever seen. And yes, I do fall for the “Buy 100 get a $5 gift card” every time.

You can truly get everything at Target.

That is the frustrating part. Why can’t Target love those that love Target?

Sadly, there will be a point when people stop shopping there.

How many insults it is going to take?

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