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To the beautiful woman who cried on the T,

I was a guy sitting across from you with his wife and two kids. I am not sure if you remember me but we did catch each others eyes a few times. You waved to my son a few times.

I saw you next to a guy, I saw him say something to you and then I saw you softly cry. I really did not think much of anything except that my son was jumping up and down. I should have paid more attention. I just thought you both knew each other and you were having an argument. Honestly, I was in my own little world.

I read the letter the woman wrote about your whole experience. How she was looking for the guy on Craigslist to tell him what a sh*thead he is, and rightfully so. You did not know him. He was a complete stranger who made a horrible remark. He said something to the tune of you needing to have some respect for yourself and lose some weight. Something that weak people would say. People who try to bring themselves up by bringing others down. I know all too well about those people.

Well, it has been a few days. I did not want to come out and just tell you what I truly felt and be construed as pity, because it is not. I did not want to come out and say the things I wanted to out of anger for the rude comments. I wanted to wait a few days, collect my thoughts and just say what I thought when I saw you across from me. The brief times I did see you when I was not trying to figure out my son’s Leappad…

You are beautiful.

I am not saying that to make you feel better. I am saying it because it is true. I remember when I met my wife the first thing I saw was her eyes. That was it. I fell in love. I saw your eyes for a brief moment. It brought me back to a time thirteen years ago when I met my Rebecca for the first time.

I have lived a life of obesity but the guy’s comments have nothing to do with it. You do not need to lose weight. Instead you need for people to tell you the truth. They need to tell you about your pretty eyes and your amazing smile. The way you spoke lovingly on the phone (I am assuming it was your mother but I am not sure) and the way you moved your items to let the guy actually sit next to you. The same guy who made the horrible comment.

The woman who posted the Craigslist ad was right. The nasty comment was not about you. It could not be about you. People who see confidence in others do what they can to bring them down. They know what to say to try to tear down walls. Please do not let him do that. Please know what I am saying is from the heart. I know what it is like to get those insults. I learned they are not true.

And for the record you are not fat. Fat is a word that people try to use to belittle others.

You are beautiful. Beautiful is a truthful word to describe you.


Tony Posnanski

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