Dear Lucy Danziger (Editor for SELF Magazine),

My name is Tony Posnanski and I am an aspiring writer. I have really focused on writing over the last few months (ever since my daughter was born) and I am getting better each day. I have been sending lots of pitch ideas to editors and I am still waiting for a reply. Let me say that again…I AM STILL WAITING! But I am PATIENT…I mean patient.

I was wondering if you could employ me for one day. I do not need any pay or any benefits and I will understand that it is for one day. I just need the title of being a writer for SELF Magazine. I need it because I really want to do a sincere apology to Monica Allen…

Dear Monika,

My name is Tony Posnanski and I am (If Lucy employs me for one day) one of the writers at SELF Magazine. First and foremost let me tell you how embarrassed and humiliated I am for everything that has happened over the last 24 hours. Although I oversee a good amount of writing and features, I am beside myself about this situation. Not only were we not upfront about the use of your picture, but we also posted it in a poor light. We were very slow to apologize on social media and honestly we failed as decent human beings. There are not enough words to tell you how bad we feel.

I am taking full accountability for this. It would be silly to blame someone under me who is trying to get a shock out of our readers. We all have a part at SELF. We all can stand up for what is right, and if anyone even examined your picture they would know the strength you have and should have not published it. You strength does not come from the tutu or the bib that says “Die Tumor Die” or the Under Armour super hero outfits, but your heart. You truly are what SELF is supposed to be. There is no one to blame but myself.

Glam Runner is an amazing thing you and your friends are doing. Not only are you raising money for wonderful young women but you are doing it in a fun creative way. I know a little about running and I will educate those around me about runners. How many, many runners wear tutus. How runners are one and stand together. How it is fun to dress up do different events. How “bandits” are not tolerated and no matter if you can walk a half-mile or run a marathon, you are a runner. Runners are one. I know what the tutu resembles and everyone on my staff will know this as well.

I understand why so many people are outraged. That is something we will have to deal with at our next publisher’s meeting (If I am employed for more than a day). My concern right now is giving you a true apology. I can assure you we will never judge another runner (or anyone for that matter) and we will do what we can to shed light on the running community over the next few issues. The “BS” portion will change in our magazine. It will stand for “Beyond Strength” which is what you empower.

I do find you extremely brave in your fight and how you ran while going through chemotherapy. You have no idea how I felt when I looked closely at your picture to see the running bib say “Die Tumor Die”. That is what our feature should have been about, not about a tutu that millions of runners wear. A blurb on a page no one would see. This whole story is a poor display of what we are about. It is sad that people want to go viral by making fun of selfies or #fitfam when you can go viral by just buying a woman and child a $16 dollar meal. I know this.

I would like to offer a feature in our next magazine (I would write if I am still employed) but I know you will decline. Heck, I would decline. So I would like to make another offer to you. If there were any other magazines you would like to be featured in, I would personally contact the editor to make it easier for you. I would love to help in any way but I understand that SELF has lost your trust.

You have proven that you are a better person than our magazine today. You have stood proud and tall through this and we have cowered behind social media and questions not answered. I do want to say thank you for teaching me about bravery and dignity. These are two things I have had struggles with since I have worked here and I am a better person today because of this.

Once again I apologize and please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in the future.


Tony Posnanski
Possible writer for a day at SELF Magazine

Let me know if you are interested in employing me for a day. If not, well, I will not lose sleep. As I have said, I still have not received any emails from editors. Instead, I am just happy to be able to write for a wonderful fan base.


Tony Posnanski

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