This week a video went viral about 20 strangers who met for the first time and they were asked to kiss. It was strange, awkward, beautiful and inspiring all at the same time…

Until you realized it was a commercial for a clothing company.

But I wondered if it would really work.Could 20 strangers truly kiss in front of the camera and would the result be beautiful? So I did my own experiment.

I took 20 stuffed animal (10 from my son’s room and 10 from my daughter’s room) and paired them together. They never met before and I asked them to either kiss or hug in front of the camera.

They were a little hesitant at first since the are stuffed animals but the end result was…



Here is Dottie and a Sneetch meeting for the first time. They truly hit it off.


Here is Mickey Mouse with “My First Valentine” bear


Pluto is getting a little frisky with Blue Bear.


When Tommy Turtle saw Baseball Bear they hit it off.


Special Agent Oso is teaching three special steps to his new friend Pooch.


There is no shyness between Jack and Blue Blue.


Pete The Cat and Donald are having a “Groovy” time


Goofy and Pooh are snuggling.


Minnie and Hedgey are sharing the love.


Bill and Pinky are having the moment of the day.


The stuffed bears were hesitant and nervous. They laughed in the camera a lot and finally were able to show the love they were meant to show.

At the end they took a selfie together to remember the day when they met. They will cross paths when my daughter is old enough to bring her bears to my son’s room so they can play and my son will share his bears as well.

And one day I will be able to get some sleep. With a teething baby and a son who says “DAD! IT IS STILL LIGHT OUT! IT IS NOT BEDTIME” I guess I will be up till 1am making posts.

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