Dear buybuy BABY.

I believe that customer service is a lost art form. It is not entirely the employee’s fault for this. It is also the consumer.

We live in a world where it is acceptable to fight for expired coupons and price matching. We demand kindness no matter the situation. If we do not get what we want then we go to someone else. If that person does not help us we go higher up the chain of people. If that does not work then we post a review of your business on a website or we say negative things on social media. As consumers we know how to win.

Sometimes we have to realize that we do not win. Getting six dollars off an item is not winning. It is making it harder and harder for people to truly enjoy working in customer service.

I cannot imagine the frustration people in the customer service go through.

That is why I am writing you today.

A couple of months ago my wife gave me a list of things to get at your store in Altamonte Springs, FL. She also gave me some coupons to use from Babies R Us. I was confused as to why I had coupons from Babies R Us but she assured me that you would honor them.

As a Dad, this was probably to most unexciting thing in the world to do. I have no idea where anything is in your store. I only know it looks like a Bed Bath and Beyond. I always get the wrong things and my wife looks at me like I should have known the correct breast milk holder to get. I truly feel like someone lost at Disneyworld.


When I walked into the store Jeneen greeted me right away. I told her I had a list from my wife and she stopped me there…

“Well, lets get a cart and go!”

Within five minutes she walked around the whole store with me to get the items I needed. Mind you, you all were busy. She made me feel welcome. She seemed to know that I did not want to be there. She took the extra time to help a dad out that does not know the difference from Dr. Brown and Downtown Julie Brown.

She then made sure everything I had was checked off of our registry and when I showed he the coupon, she did not hesitate to take it.

What Jeneen did was she made me feel like I was welcome in your store. She did not treat me like I was out to get something. She truly seemed to love her job. She had pride.

You cannot pay people to have pride. They just have it. Fifty more cents and hour is not going to make someone love their work. Pride is something instilled in a person. Jeneen had pride. She was proud to work at your store.

I told her thank you very much because she made my experience beyond great. I asked her if there was a way I could recognize her and she said that I could write to your corporate office.

I know how that goes though. It gets bulked into the complaints. Maybe the letter will be sent at a local level to the store and she might get a high five. Maybe even a parking space close to the store.

I think as a whole we do not take care of the good employees. We worry so much about the people who call out of work all the time or the ones who do not care. They consume so much time. I hope that Jeneen is appreciated. I honestly know that I cannot be the only one who has had a great experience with her. I know there are others.
So I am writing this on my blog. I think that great customer service and making people feel special should be recognized.

We live in a world where negativity gets a lot of publicity.

I hope the “Jeneens” of the world get a little publicity as well.


Tony Posnanski

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