This week I had my best post published by The Huffington Post. When I put it on my blog a couple of weeks ago I got a great response from people. Because of that, I had the courage to submit it to a national publication. It got published and it got a lot of views.

More views than anything I have ever written combined. It went viral. It went worldwide. People from Australia, Brussels and France were sending me the nicest emails thanking me for writing it.

Today was going to be one of my biggest moments.

I got an email from ABC News. They wanted to interview me about the post. I am not going to lie; I do not get excited very often. I got excited. ABC News is big. It could lead to many more things like Good Morning America, The View, Modern Family (okay maybe not Modern Family). You get the point.

The call was at 9:45am this morning. I received the call and was asked a couple of questions…

“Okay, where are you located and what is the name of your restaurant. This happened when?”

I am horrible in answering questions. Those do not seem that hard, do they? I said…

“Um, so I do not really want to say where I work. I mean if I have to I will but? And um, so like two months ago…”

The interviewer told me she was going to pass and she hung up the phone. The phone call lasted 27 seconds. I looked at my phone to see.

In 2010 I had my weight loss story published by CNN. I remember reading it over and over again. I was always upset that I did not write it. Someone else had to tell my story. Someone had to explain to the world how I lost weight. I remember telling my wife that. She told me that it was an honor to be featured in CNN. She was right of course. Something inside me was sad though. I truly thought that the CNN piece was my defining moment.

I have never had a lot of confidence in my writing. I have a brother who is a famous and brilliant writer. I would look at my writing and think it was garbage. I never respected my words. When I would post things I would get more comments about my grammar or the fact that I did not make a good point. So I stopped writing for a while.

Last year when my daughter was born I was going to tell my wife that I did not want to write anymore. My writing slowed down a lot in 2013. I think up to August I had maybe 8-10 blog posts. I wrote for a couple of companies but those posts were few and far between.

One night I sat by the computer after taking care of my daughter. I went on Facebook and saw numerous people talking about Miley Cyrus. So I did something I never did before. I wrote a letter to my daughter.

I posted it and people enjoyed the post. It gave me confidence to submit it to CNN and Huffington Post. Both accepted the post. My wife was proud that I submitted the post. She always said I sold myself short.

I truly thought that was my defining moment.

Then a couple of weeks later I got a Facebook message from a woman named Karen Suffern. She asked me if I would help get a letter to Santa out to the world. A letter that her son wrote. A letter that said he would give up all his toys so his sister would not be bullied anymore.

I wrote about it and sent it in to CNN. They picked up the story and wrote about it as well. It went viral. 50,000 people liked the story. The twins were on national television numerous times. I felt good that I helped do that.

I truly thought that was my defining moment.

Then a little while later I saw a post about the CEO of Lululemon Chip Wilson. He blamed women for the “sheerness” of his pants. So I wrote a post about it and the post got rejected by various outlets. Huffington Post liked it and said they would publish it. It went viral. I was featured in numerous fashion magazines.

I truly thought that was my defining moment.

After that 27 second botched interview today I realized something. I do not want to have a defining moment. I lost 200 pounds. I have two kids. I married a wonderful woman. I have also shared so many parts of my life and the lives of others.

For 27 seconds I felt like Tony Posnanski the restaurant manager who did a good thing. I felt like a part of a story, not the person who wrote a story.

Well, that is not what my post was about. I wanted to truly thank the woman and child because I needed that moment. I needed to thank them for putting my whole life in perspective. I truly hope they were happy with the gesture, but what they gave me is so much more. Honestly, I wanted to share my writing as well and hopefully move some people because I was moved.

“Sometimes doing the right thing does not make everyone happy — just the people who need it the most.”

That is the last line of my post. It is about me. It is about a man who gets so caught up in work and life that I forget to see things around me. I worry so much about the rules that I do not even know who they apply to.

I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am that this post has been shared by thousands of people. I am so happy to bring awareness to autism and have people realize that they do not know the whole story around them.

Why does the mom leaves her cart in the parking space?

Why does the man gets mad when a comment is made?

I am proud of my post. I do not need to be a news story.

I think that I described my thoughts pretty well.

Because “To the Woman and Child at Table 9” is not my defining moment.

It just defines the person I am.


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