Target is making mistakes once again.

They are really trying to make “plus-size” clothing cute and spunky. So they decided to put up a very pretty “plus-size” model for their latest dress. Except the “plus-size” model is thin and has a belly that she has her hand on.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 7.58.40 PM

Whoa! That lady is preggo!

They have removed the ad, but the damage is done online.

Instead of writing about this, I thought I would share with your nine titles that went through my mind for this post.

1. “Shake it. Don’t Break it. It took ┬áTarget nine months to make it.”

2. “Congratulations! You are “Plus-Size.”

3. “Target can help “plus-size” women lose weight in nine months”

4. “Push…puuuuussssshhhhhh your way to the “plus-size” section at Target.”

5. “I did not think I would be “plus-size” after one time.”

6. “I felt a kick. Wait…that was just dinner.”

7. “It finally makes sense why I like Whoppers, pickles and onions together.”

8. “Target. Where you can be insulted and have your identity stolen all at the same time.”

9. “I better get 10% off for this insult!”

Honestly, Target is a huge company. They should have really done a better job with this. They should just make clothing and put different sizes on them instead of labeling them “plus-size”. I have said this before.

Keep in mind they once made a plus sized dress in “Manatee Grey”…

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 7.59.24 PM

Someone at Target clearly does not like “plus-size” women.

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