Dear Chris Kluwe and Phil Robertson,

Let me first start out by saying I love people who are brave. I think that we live in a world where we have freedoms to say things yet so many of us are hesitant to truly give our opinion. I have realized in life that I will not agree with everything I hear or read, but I will truly respect people who are courageous enough to put themselves out there no matter the consequence.PicMonkey Collage

With that being said, I do not feel either one of you are courageous people. Neither one of you have done any good for your cause. Neither one of you has the respect of other opinions. Both are more concerned about losing your jobs (or threat of losing your job) than your actual thoughts.

Chris, I remember reading your letter in 2012. I thought it was raw and very edgy. You got your point across and honestly at the time it was something I have never seen before from an NFL player. You used brash and offensive language and I felt that you just did not care what people thought.

So it is sad now to see you more concerned about losing your job over your letter. You are a NFL punter, which is not the most stable job out there. You have been embraced by the owner of the Minnesota Vikings for your comments. No one is backing up your claims as of yet. You were cut by another team after the fact.

So did you help the LGBT community with your letter and what you are doing today?

Phil, you compared homosexuality to having sex with animals. Fine, I get it; you are not a fan of the LGBT community. You love everyone and you will not judge people because that is not your job. You are a “Christian” which all your comments did is divide “Christians”. There are many who have your view and they do not say it like you did.

But honestly, I respected it because it was raw. It was your opinion and you stood by it.

Then you got the “suspension”. I put it in quotations because your show will still be on the air.

First Amendment was thrown around yet there were no legal actions for you nor were there any for Chris Kluwe.

One lost his job. Another got suspended.

The truth is neither one of you have done any good with your comments. None at all. Neither have swayed thoughts because you both seem to be more concerned about yourselves than your cause. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am an idiot. I am okay with both of those accusations.

But there are people all over the world who will fight for what they believe in. They will stand by their beliefs and will lose everything for their cause.

At one point Phil Robertson was compared to Rosa Parks.

I would suggest both of you go back and read Rosa Parks’ story…

Because neither one of you are her.

Rosa Parks changed a nation.

You both will not. It will change without your thoughts. It will change because truly brave people will fight for what is right.


An idiot with a blog

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