By now you have heard and read all about Richard Sherman. In Sunday’s NFC Championship game, Sherman was brilliant. He had two tackles and an interception. He also had one of the most amazing deflections in the end zone, a pass intended for Michael Crabtree, which resulted in a Malcolm Smith interception and the Seahawks going to the Super Bowl.

After the play he went up to Crabtree, patted him on the backside and exchanged words. Crabtree pushed him in the face. Sherman also looked at 49ers QB Kaepernick and put his hands around his own neck. He did this to make sure Kaepernick knew he choked at the end of the game.

After the game Sherman was interviewed. He was passionate. He made it clear that he was the best cornerback in the league. He made it clear that matching him up with Michael Crabtree was an insult because he is “mediocre at best”.

It was great to watch as a fan. It made me more excited about the Super Bowl, especially since I love outspoken athletes…

It was also extremely classless.

Afterwards Twitter was a buzz about Sherman. Let me explain something about Twitter. You could save a village of children, cure diseases and donate millions to a worthy cause…

The next day you will be blasted on Twitter.

Twitter is good for two things.

1. A place for celebrities to voice their opinion.
2. A place for nasty people to hide under a fake name and bash celebrities who voice their opinion.

Never look at Twitter when you are in the media. Your feeling will be hurt no matter what.

Afterwards people started to write about the Sherman interview. That Sherman is a highly educated human and I am wrong for feeling that what he did was classless.

Sherman himself wrote a brilliant post. I will say I am confident he did not just go up to Crabtree and say “good game” after the play. I do not care if he had a microphone on. I am sure there were other intentions.

There are many educated people in the NFL. You can look no further than Sherman’s own team. Doug Baldwin is also a Stanford graduate. Marshawn Lynch went to Cal. They were both instrumental in the win. They both did not ant and rave for a while after the game.

People who are saying Sherman is uneducated are not informed. People who are saying he in uneducated based on his appearance should be ashamed. I am not that judgmental person. I know the NFL is full of smart, articulate and witty people. I know Sherman is one of them.

That is not the point of this. Sherman’s actions were classless.

People started to write that Sherman was inspired. He was not picked for the Pro Bowl. He was a fifth round pick. He was not targeted during the game and he had something to prove. Well, many NFL players are inspired. You can look no further than Sherman’s own team. Derrick Coleman is not playing that much. The fact that he is wearing a Seahawks uniform is inspiring enough. The fact that he cannot hear the crowd in the loudest stadium in the NFL is inspiring.

Everyone is writing about how I am wrong to feel the way I did after the game. If Peyton Manning did the same thing I would feel the same. If any player did the same thing I would feel that same. It is not a Richard Sherman thing.

Honestly it does not matter. I do believe that Richard Sherman is the best corner in the NFL. I do believe that he is one of the smartest to play the game. I believe he does more for the community than most. I do believe that if I were a wide receiver I would not want to match up with him. I have been a fan of his for a long time and I also believe he is a huge part of the best NFL team today…

I also know what he did right after the play/game this past Sunday was classless.

His actions should have spoken a lot louder than his words.

His actions got his team to the Super Bowl. His words only brought attention to him, not the other people on his team who played the game.

Which one was louder?

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