The other day I went to the grocery story. It was in the morning and I had a ton of things to do that day. I picked up a few things that my family needed and was ready to check out.

The lines were long. Only three cashiers were working at a busy grocery store. I needed everything that I got though. I could not come home without them. All of the sudden I noticed that the “10 items or less” speedy checkout lane was not busy. There were only a couple of people in that line. I counted the items in my basket. I had 11 items.

Does it really matter if I have 11 items in a 10 item or less express lane at the grocery store???

Honestly, I am going to say no. I mean it only takes an extra second to scan that extra item. No one behind me or in front of me would truly count my items. If they did so what? Why would they care if I had 12 or 13 items? I mean…does it really matter??

It is not my fault; it is the grocery stores fault anyway. They NEVER and I mean never put on enough cashiers! There are 15 lanes and only three cashiers on in the afternoon. So what if I have 17 items, I will use the express lane. I am not accountable for it. The grocery store is to blame. People can wait on my 19 items.

And who is going to say something anyway. Let the cashier tell me I should not use the express lane when I have 21 items. I will just speak to the manager. The manager will not get mad because I am a paying customer, right? Who cares if the woman behind me has one item? She can wait in the express line until I am done with my 26 items. I have the right to buy items in the grocery story. As I said, it is not my fault! They should have had more cashiers on.

And the woman yelling at me because I have 31 items can wait. And the guy wanting to fight me because I have 36 items can take a chill pill. I do not care that he has to get tampons for his wife. Let him stay in the line and wait with everyone else while I scan my 42 items.

And when the manager tells me I am not welcome back when I am arguing with everyone when I have 51 items in the express lane I will not care!!!! When they call the police on me I will blame the store. When people cheer when I get arrested…

I counted the items in my basket one more time. I had 11 items. I had too many items to go into the 10 item or less line. I waited in the other lines like everyone else.

This post has nothing to do with grocery shopping.

I just wanted to explain to someone what a 250-calorie candy bar could do to this food addict.

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