There is a video out with a woman who went from beautiful to “magazine beautiful” in 37 seconds with Adobe Photoshop. It has gone viral and that is a good thing because the video itself shows honesty in pictures we see. It shows people unrealistic portrayals of beauty, which we commonly find in magazines and in pictures.

This is not a new practice; photos have been photoshopped for years, even before it was called photo shopping.

I will argue that this is not what distorts our view of beauty, self image or even self esteem issues.

People have known about this for years. I remember in the 90’s knowing pictures were photoshopped.

And even if the photos were not photoshopped, we would continue to compare ourselves to others. And we would still feel that “beauty goals” are not achievable.

Adobe Photoshop is not the issue…

Heartless people and comments distort our view of beauty.

I will argue that what we could do in 37 seconds everyday could help others with self image” issues.

When a child comes home with a “fat letter” for being too large, how is he/she supposed to feel about being beautiful? Or an eight year old who gets all of her hair ripped out on the playground? Or a wife who is told by her husband she is ugly and never was pretty. And of course the husband says this to her in front of their six year old child. How is the child going to view beauty?

How about the young girl who is so proud of how she looks in a dress, takes a “selfie” of it and posts it on Facebook? Only to get ten snarky comments about her body…how is she going to feel about beauty? Or the guy who is called “gross” by a girl because they both have different color skin? How is he supposed to feel about his self image?

What about the girl who receives endless text messages about how ugly she is and how much she should die? What do you think she believes her self worth is? Or the guy who is kicked out of his house for liking a gender he/she should not? Is his/her self image going to go up? Or the girl who is in great shape but feels like an outcast because she always hears “real women have curves…and you have no butt?” Will she feel good.

Feeling beautiful and self image issues is not in a magazine, it is in actions and words. Sure, we have all seen the models growing up, but think about the way people treated us as well. Think about how we are raising our kids. Think about the future, because magazines will never go away, just become digital. Adobe Photoshop will just get better and the pictures will look more real.

But pictures are not to blame. We can all be “perfect”. We just have to believe it for ourselves. We do that with out words. Compliments and noticing things only bring people up. Teaching our kids what our perception of “beauty” is.

We do it with out actions. Hugging your child, wife or husband. Being there for them when they need it the most.

But there is one place you cannot photoshop a picture. That is the mirror. And instead of living in a society where we are continuously bringing people down, it would be nice for everyone to take 37 seconds to build people up.

Because photoshop is not the reason we have self image issues…

We are.

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