There is a new fad out there now called The Cotton Ball Diet. It is exactly what the name claims. People are eating cotton balls to feel fuller. They are eating cotton balls with orange juice to lose weight. This is a new trend in younger people, primarily in young women.

Now, as a 38 year old man who has gone through diet after diet for many years, this is scary to me. I do not want people to think that they need to eat cotton balls to lose weight. Besides the fact that it is dangerous, it can also cause so much long term damage.

I have never been one to give diet advice. I think that people need to do what works for them. I always thought it would be condescending for me to tell someone how to lose weight. I am not a registered dietitian nor am I a doctor. I offer support while people lose weight.

So I thought about “The Cotton Ball Diet” a little more. I thought about when I was 14 years old. I just lost weight by eating a lot less and taking some diet pills as well. I would have done anything to lose weight. I looked at myself at 135 pounds and saw an ugly fat man. I probably would have considered “The Cotton Ball Diet”. Sadly, I understand where a teenager would do whatever they could to be “good looking”. To not feel “fat”. Being a kid sucks at times.

Now, years later when I looked at some of my old pictures I realized that I was not fat nor was I ugly. I felt that way. I had low self esteem. I had it because a lot of people put me down. They put me down so much that when people tried to bring me up…I did not believe them.

But I realize that The Cotton Ball Diet is more about self esteem than it is about dieting.

So I have a weird offer. I am 100% willing to do this for anyone who is considering or has considered The Cotton Ball Diet. I truly believe that you do not need to do a harmful diet to feel better. I truly believe you are prettier, thinner and hotter than you give yourself credit for.

I have a Facebook page. I have about 30,000 readers on the page. Most are women who come from all walks of life. All are wonderful people. If they were not, they would not be on my page. I also have some wonderful guys on my page as well.

I can prove to you that you are everything you think you are not. If you message me a picture of yourself…any picture, I will show you. I would love to post it on my page for all to see. I guarantee you will get over two hundred likes and people will tell you all the beauty you never thought you possessed. Honest people.

Truthfully, people are much more than they give themselves credit for. I learned that a while back. It is not easy to look in the mirror and compliment yourself. But I can tell you, I can prove to you that you are much more beautiful than you might think.

And honestly, water could do the same thing that a dangerous cotton ball can do.

But I would love to show you how beautiful you are. And you do not need a dangerous diet to be “skinny”.

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