My kids are the center of my world.

That is not a weak thing to say. They are the reason I do the things I do. They are the reason I work for twelve hours a day washing dishes and getting yelled at by people who have their food cooked wrong. They re the reason I stay up until 3am writing and submitting my work to various news outlets. They are the reason I fight to keep off the over 200 pounds I lost. They are the reason I do a lot of things.

And I want them to know they live in the best country at the best time.

People think that there was a time when the world was better. When? When people were not allowed in bathrooms because of their color? When men would hit their wives and society would say they “deserved it”? When the KKK ran many cities in the South and when people lived closeted lives because society shunned them?

No, today is the best time. Tomorrow will be better.

You might not think that because of the media. It is very easy to get negativity in the news and ridiculously hard to get anything positive out there. But it is not impossible. For every tragedy our country has been through over the last few years we also have bonded together to make it a better place. To assure we will so whatever we can not to let tragedies repeat themselves.

I want my kids to know that they can go to an adult or a teacher if there is a problem. That does not make them weak or a “sissy”. Fighting should always be a last resort. We do not live in a world full of “sissies” like most people think. We live in a world where conflicts can be handled outside of the playground after school. I want my kids to know that.

I want my kids to know that if they want to go hunting with their grandfather or feel the need to possess a gun to protect themselves as an adult that is their right. I am not a fan of guns but it is every adult’s right to own for whatever reason. With that being said, there is never a reason for a child to bring a gun to school. There is never a reason for an adult to carelessly leave a gun for a child to obtain. The problem is not the responsible gun owners, it is the irresponsible ones. They do not need to shoot “the bad guys”. There are other ways to defend yourself.

I want my kids to know that bullying is done by weak people. They do not ever need to accept being called any names, no matter what. They also should know how powerful words are and they should choose wisely when they use them. Bullying is so much more than physical violence. It is weak people who feel the need to bring themselves up by putting other people down.

I want my kids to know that anything is possible. They are special. They make my day brighter. I am glad they are on this Earth. A place where women fighting Cancer are brave and kids with Autism are inspirational. A place where people have choices and although they might get rejected, they can try again. A place where there is so much beauty around them.

I want them to know they live in the greatest country in the world. Where their grandparents came 50 years ago for a better life. Where they became citizens and taught their children the beauty of America. Where anyone can be president. Because people vote. People choose.

I will always be a part of my children’s life. To say “boys will be boys” or “girls will be girls” is not parenting. Kids will be what their parents are which is why it is important for me to be a part of their lives.

And I promise they will always be the center of my universe.

And I am glad they are in this world today.

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