Dear Santa,

I am a writer and weight loss motivator.  Three months ago I got a letter from a woman named Karen Suffern who wanted me to share a letter her son wrote to you. In the letter, her son, Ryan, asked for his twin sister, Amber, to stop being bullied in school. He also asked for his sister to meet her favorite band Big Time Rush along with having a great birthday party this year. I do not usually get letters like this. I usually get letters about weight loss and health. I do try to help people. So I wanted to get the story out.

I submitted it to CNN and they picked it up. Within 24 hours it went viral. Every news organization picked up the story. Everyone flooded Big Time Rush’s Facebook page for them to meet the twins. One of the members of the band made a video for them. Everyone was fighting for them to be on their show. Good Morning America had them on their show and they got to meet the band. It was also posted on Upworthy. The Harlem Globetrotters went to their school and had an assembly against bullying. Santa came to meet Ryan and Amber early. Steve Harvey helped them throw a fantastic birthday. In fact, they were just on The View. The View!

Then the cameras left.

Then the bullying came back.

The school never fully took responsibility for the bullying of the twins. They said they did everything in their power to stop the twins from their fear of coming to school, but that is debatable.

“Things were okay when the camera crews were still looking at the school, but they still denied knowing or taking responsibility for any of the bullying,” Karen told me. “So recently a little boy kept bullying Amber. He would pick up pine straw and rub it repeatedly in her face. This caused her eyes to be red and irritated because she has allergies. She did not fight back but told the teacher. The teacher told Amber “What do you want me to do about it,” Karen said.

The bullying now extended to Ryan, the writer of the letter to you.

“An older boy from school threatened to break Ryan’s arm. He told Ryan that he should not be on television for writing a stupid letter to Santa who is not real anyway. I spoke to the school numerous times and they basically told me they cannot do anything for me. So I told them I would home school my kids. They told me that was a fantastic idea,” Karen told me.

Ryan, the boy who wrote the letter to you, has been depressed and had battles of dizziness. He still has fear of going to school. All because he wrote a letter to you. All because he wanted his sister to not be bullied at school anymore.

Karen made a four minute video of Ryan telling her how bad it has gotten in school. How scared he is to go back. How there is fear every day.

And for what? Because he wrote a letter to you to help? Because a school never took steps to make it a better place for kids?

Christmas is supposed to be a wonderful time of year. Now Ryan and Amber are counting the days where they do not have to go to school. Rocky Mount Prep says they have tried to help. Yet the bullying continued.

So instead of waiting for the school, Karen took her kids out. She had to leave her job in order to give her kids a safe place to learn. Her home. Now Karen is looking for a night job to educate her children during the day.

But I helped get this story out. Not for fame, but to end bulling for these two wonderful kids. It didn’t.

So I am not asking for toys or bands. I am not asking for money or television time…

I just want you to know that bullying is not acceptable, and schools should take more responsibility. Because bullying is a topic we should never ever stop talking about.


Tony Posnanski

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