Jillian Michaels is arguably the most famous celebrity trainer out there. She has helped many lose weight and has made numerous workout videos and written numerous books on ways to lose weight.

Yet she threw all of that out the window this week on The Biggest Loser. It has been reported that she gave her team “caffeine supplements” to help them lose weight. You know, the ones that have just as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. The ones that have herbs and spices from rainforests that promise you will be thin. She lost all confidence in her eating plan and workout plan for her team. The host of the show has penalized the team and now a former American Idol winner can come back to the show.

The Biggest Loser is a game show.

Let me explain to you how “caffeine supplements” are not a game…

I was sitting in the doctor’s office six years ago. I was over 400 pounds and I desperately wanted to lose weight. But I looked for an “easier way”. We all do at first. When you are over 400 pounds and have so much to lose you feel like you will never get to your goal. You want the advantage. You want the crutch…

You want the best thing out there.

And that is what I did. I took a diet pill. It claimed it had as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. It was “all natural. It was safe. And I would lose weight.

I lost a little. Yet my heart raced. I felt very dizzy at times. I thought it was because of my weight but it was not. I knew it was because of the diet pills I was taking.

But I did not care. I “wanted” to lose weight. Yet did not have the confidence to eat better. I did not have the self esteem to walk into a gym. I thought a pill was easy. I thought a pill would save me.

Little did I know that it would not.

The nurse took my blood pressure. It was 190 over 140. She freaked out. She never saw it so high. She ran to get the doctor. He ran in and gave me two little pills to lower my blood pressure. He told me I was not allowed to leave until it was lower.

After a few minutes it lowered.

He told me I was a walking time bomb. He told me that he has not seen that kind of blood pressure in a while. I told him all I was doing was taking an “all natural” pill. I told him I desperately wanted to lose weight.

He questioned me. He said if I wanted to lose weight I needed to change the way I ate…not look for an easy way out that would kill me.
So I did. It was hard but I stopped taking pills. I ate less and worked out a little. I started to lose weight. I felt better. My heart did not race like it once did. I realized that I did not need to take “diet pills” to lose weight.

No one does. Jillian Michaels is irresponsible for giving people pills to lose weight. She is not a doctor. She is not a nurse. She is a celebrity trainer. She should have confidence in her eating plan and workout plan. She did not let down a team. She let down people who truly found her inspiring. She is now like everyone else.

You do not need pills to lose weight. If you look at every bottle it says “Take this pill along with a healthy eating plan and workout regimen”. Well, if you have a healthy eating plan and a workout regimen, you will lose weight.

But I have said for years that The Biggest Loser is a game show. They have contestants and prizes….

Weight loss to me is not a game. And you do not need pills to lose weight.

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