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“The horrific case of Rebecca Sedwick, the 12 year old girl who killed herself by throwing herself off a cement pillar leaves me shocked, horrified, and devastated. The loss of such a beautiful life for such senseless reasons leaves me heartbroken.

This could have been my daughter. It nearly WAS my daughter.”

-Wendy Del Monte

Wendy Del Monte has a beautiful and talented 15 year old daughter. She would do anything for her kids. Most parents would.

Her daughter has been writing about her bullying experiences for a little while now. But just recently, Ally, 15, made a 15 minute video about how bad her bullying was. How she has been tormented since she was eight years old. How she wanted to die. How she took ever bit of courage she had to live. He mother watched the video.

“I watched my daughter pour out her soul on a video telling the story of how she was nearly bullied to death- she broke my heart.”

Wendy found out the main reason she did it is to help a friend. Ally has been helping others cope with being bullied. S

“She did the video because someone she loved, YET another teen, tried to kill themselves. She wanted to show people that even when they think it’s as bad as it can be, it CAN and DOES get better.”

After Wendy watched and edited the video her daughter had a request. She wanted help getting her story out. Ally has a blog and friends, but wanted to try to get the story to go national. Maybe even be able to tell parts of it on TV. Ally has already helped over 60 kids choose life over death this year with her words and her story. Imagine how many more she can help.

“Ally asked me to help her get out her story. Yes, she knew she would get some flack for it. Yes, I was uncomfortable telling people that my child wanted to die. She wants to do it because she wants to help SAVE people. She wants to make a difference. She wants to help others learn to be brave enough to stand up for others- to be brave enough to stand up to Bullies, to be brave enough to stand up for herself and say, WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS. IS she can be that brave, how can I help but help her?” Wendy revealed.

Wendy has submitted Ally’s story to numerous news outlets. Babble has written about Ally. Yahoo picked up the story.

Numerous bloggers have shared Ally’s story as well. Ally writes it better than any news outlet can.

“I am so proud of my girl for looking beyond herself and finding a way to make a terrible part of her life into something positive. In every comment I read on her blog that say, ME TOO, and THANK YOU for standing up for me, and I decided to LIVE because YOU DID, I am prouder of her.”

Wendy has contacted The Today show and Ellen. She waits for a response.

“Reading about all the terrible tragedies that have been surrounding us- there are been at least 3 suicides in our state that I know of SINCE SCHOOL STARTED, and then the terrible tragedy of Rebecca Sedwich, our children need to know that SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER. We need to share our courage and be brave”.

Ally has started the #Bebrave movement. As she has noticed, it is just as bad to stay silent as it is to be bullied. She wants to tell her story to everyone and she wants others to tell their story. It will only make people stronger.

And so Wendy will keep on submitting her daughter’s story. She will wait for a response. She will support her daughter who wants to tell the world about her years of torment and help people know that life is better than death no matter the situation.

And she will not stop until she can get her story to more and more people…


“She fought to believe in herself. Fought to find strength, fought to live…

I will fight to help her share her story.”

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