Editor’s Note- Kristii is a friend who I wrote about before. She qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon earlier this year and then found out she was expecting her fourth child next February. She is training for the marathon while pregnant and I thought it was a pretty inspiring story. I asked her if I could write about it, and in return I agreed to do a half marathon with her in December.

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Kristii Farrell is not new to running. She fell in love with running over ten years ago. Since then she has done marathons all over the country. She has done races with her husband and her kids as well.

Nothing was more special that the Boston Marathon in 2013. Kristii, mother of three, worked very hard to qualify for the race and her whole family planned a vacation there. “I took my whole family to Boston to see family, history, and the marathon” Kristii recalls. She finished the race under four hours and met up with her family.

Then tragedy struck…

“As we headed up to our room in the elevator, we heard someone talk about a bomb at the finish. At first I thought they were joking. But in our room, we looked outside and saw the chaos begin. Thankfully, my boys heard no bombs go off. But it was a surreal day with all the SWAT, police, ambulances and shut down of businesses. It really hit home the next day when we realized my husband and boys were right across the street for the second bomb. That jarred me.” Kristii revealed.

But Kristii would not let tragedy and fear stop her from trying again. She spoke to her husband and both agreed they would all go back in 2014. She did not want to be intimidated. She qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon. She was preparing her training…

And in June, Kristii found out she was going to have a baby.

“We were surprised and blessed to learn that we were expecting again. In shock, one of my first thoughts was about the Boston Marathon. Would I be able to run after having a baby 6-7 weeks prior?” Kristii says.

And the answer is yes.

Kristii is eighteen weeks pregnant now. She trains 6-7 days a week. She does 4-12 miles per day ranging from the elliptical, stair master, and running. She plans on doing a half marathon in December to prep up for Boston Marathon in April. Right after having a baby in February.


As Kristii points out, being pregnant does not stop you from fitness or your dreams…

“I have not had any negative feedback from running or training yet. I have had a few suspicious stares and people questioning if it is safe to run while pregnant. Which ties into the Crossfit lady who is all over the news. I think that you as an individual and an athlete know how far you can push yourself. For Crossfit, I am sure the mother has been doing this for a long time. So she has just lightened the load to continue and maintain her fitness. As for me and running, I am still running and crosstraining to keep up with my fitness. As far as training, I still try and fit in a long work out day of more than two hours three times a month. Between that and my running and cross training, that will be what I use to train for Boston. So technically, I am already in training mode.
I think people fear what they don’t know. I think that many people don’t realize how hard some of us work at out fitness goals whether it be to stay in shape, run faster, or lift more weights. So the few of us who continue to maintain our goals while pregnant are”

So right now, Kristii has two goals for 2014.

Have a healthy baby and run the Boston Marathon.

And she is well on her way.

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