I realized a while back that as an overweight person, I look at things differently than other people…..


Other people- I am so excited about going to a haunted house this year. Not sure what I should dress up as…a “naughty” nurse or a “naughty” baseball player? Or maybe Superman! I can not wait to go downtown dancing!!!!

Me- What is so “Fun Size” about a two inch  piece of candy anyway and why is it in the house? I would assume that a “King Size” Kit Kat is much more fun than the “Fun Size”. You know, we should have bought Double Bubble to give out this year instead of Twix because I am going to eat the whole bag of the Twix. Maybe if I eat the bag and replace it I will not be caught.


Other people- Thanksgiving is such a great time to be with family. I always eat a little more than I should.

Me- I am going to eat everything on the table. There is not a doubt in my mind. I am going to fool myself by saying I will eat less during the day, but I will eat all day. Then after I eat everything on the table, I will promise myself to start eating better the next day, but leftovers will derail me till December 16th, 2032.


Other people- I love this time of year!

Me- Just throw that ham in the air and I will catch it with my mouth and spit out the bones. And Santa is not coming because I ate all the cookies.

The one thing that I see much more differently than others is the term “Great Personality”…

Great Personality

Other people- I have a friend named Tony. He has a great personality. One of the best personalities.

Me- I have a friend named Tony. When you see him, you will notice that he is extremely overweight. Obese even. Yet, even though he is a beast, please give him a chance. You know the term” Judging a book by its cover?” Yeah, well, he has an enormous cover.

In life people like Kim Kardashian are hot. And I am the one with a “great personality. But I have a secret…

I do not have a great personality. I do not even know what that means!

I am actually quite sarcastic. My wife gets very frustrated with me because of it. I roll my eyes all the time and I do not even realize it.

I am stubborn and when I feel someone is taking advantage of me I become very nasty. I have no issues with confrontation and I do not lose any sleep if someone is mad at me. I also have this crazy determination to get things done, which some people would find obsessive.

When you meet me, I do not talk. I come across as snobby, but I am actually extremely shy in real life. Once I do talk, I rarely talk about myself and would rather find out about you. I actually hate talking about myself.

Yet, I am nice. I am caring. I do try to help people in any area I know about. I am generous with my time and I really have gotten better in social areas. So does 99% of people.

But I do not have a “Great Personality”. That is a sneaky cover for thin people to describe overweight people as their talent. “Oh, you will like him. He has a great personality!”

I have never left a room and described someone as “having a great personality”.

Because in my mind, “Great Personality” means overweight. It is a way for people to “look past my weight”.

I did not want to be the guy that had a “great personality” as a teenager. I wanted to be the guy known as “huge tool jerk who gets girls but it a jerk yet is hot but is a jerk”. The one that was skinny. The one that girls talked about. The one that would high five the football players in the hallway at school.

But I will say, do not confuse “fat” with “ugly”. I did for a long time. I thought because I was fat, that also meant I was ugly. Ugly is more than looks.

I am not ugly. I have proven that to myself while losing weight. Being overweight takes away a lot of self esteem, and when you get it back, do not let it go.

There are a ton of beautiful sexy and handsome overweight people. Fat has nothing to do with being ugly. The Biggest Loser and other shows like that take beautiful overweight people and turn them into beautiful skinny people. That is why the show is so popular.

Do not get me wrong, I want to be healthy. I work hard to be healthy. I think that everyone should make some steps to be healthier.

But please, do not confuse fat with ugly. Because my goal is to not have a “great personality”. I am well on my way.

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