Wendy Del Monte has been one of my readers for a very long time. She has supported a lot of my writing and has been wonderful with advice for my readers as well.

She has a beautiful daughter named Ally. Ally is 15 now. She has been bullied since she was 8. She found so much strength inside and realized she was beautiful. That she has perfections and imperfections, but those will not stop her from her dreams. She considered suicide. She realized her life was more important to her and others.

She has since helped others. She tells her story. She has helped over 60 people choose life over death.

I posted her words on CNN. It got enough views for them to interview her. It might not get much further than that.

Babble interviewed her as well. It got picked up by Yahoo.

But she is 15. A teenager. In a world where so many kids are bullied and so many kids hide, she is courageous telling her story. Has she gotten backlash, of course! But she can handle it. She is brave.

And she has a request. She wants to tell her story on The Ellen Show. She posted this on her blog today…

Since I ADORE Ellen Degeneres and the way she always tries to help people– I’d LOVE to get her to share my story- if you tweet, will you please tweet her :

@TheEllenShow Please help us all #BeBrave and share @Loser_Gurls story! #nomorebullying

I heard she pays attention if she gets lots of tweets or Facebook post. Think of how many people we can help if she shared! Thank you!

I have a daughter. I want her to be brave and courageous. I want her to fight bullying the right way.

Could you share this post? For a 15 year old girl who has been bullied and wants to help?

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