Texas is known for football, especially high school football. Every Friday night people flood the stadiums to watch their kids play. To watch some of the best rising stars out there. To root for their old high schools. Football in Texas is just as popular as breathing.

This past Friday Aledo High School beat Western Hills High School 91-0. Tim Buchanan, the coach for Aledo High School, pulled his first string team in the first quarter. He played his third string team for most of the game. He allowed the clock to run continuously for the second half. In fact, the score could have been a lot larger than what it was. His team has a 7-0 record this year and has beaten their opponents by an average of 77 points.

And you should not even know about this. This is a high school football game in Texas.

Yet, a dad decided to file a bullying complaint against Tim Buchanan. At first, Tim thought it was a joke. Then he read the complaint. Then he read it again. Then he realized that anything linked to “bullying” is no laughing matter.

And Tim Buchanan is not a bully.

The dad who filed this claim does not understand the seriousness of bullying.

Because the dad did not consider how ridiculous this is. How serious bullying truly is today, yet decided to waste a report against a football team’s loss. The dad did not consider that now this is national news and that the kids of the losing team are probably getting more negativity than ever before. So are both coaches. The dad did not consider his own child in this as well who probably will get humiliated over social media because of this…

The dad did not consider any of this because he does not understand what “bullying” is.

Ask Amber Suffern what bullying is. When she has fear of going to school because people are ruthless to her. How her brother only wishes people would just leave her alone because she does not do anything to others. How every day can be torture.

Ask Shea Shawhan what bullying is. How she is getting texts from unknown numbers calling her a slut and a whore. How she is being told no one likes her and she should just die. What did she do to deserve this? Nothing, just like every true bullied victim.

Ask Ally Del Monte what bullying is. How they organized days to ignore her. How they called and called her repeatedly asking her to just die because no one loves her.

At least you can ask them. You cannot ask Rebecca Sedwick. There are many more you cannot ask.

This claim truly angers me. It angers me because there will be a child who is truly bullied and then people will be quick to question it. They will pull the “Are we too quick to call bullying?” claim.  It angers me because running up a score is not bullying, but coaches who truly abuse their players are. It angers me because so many people are bullied and this is not one of them. I have been able to get a couple of these stories out there. I will do many more if I can.

Both coaches do not want to even talk about this. It was a 91-0 game. It happens.

But true bullying needs to stop…

And my fear is many adults do not even know what it is. Because if they did, this would have never been a story.

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