I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. On this instance I am wrong.

I posted the other day about Maria Kang’s “What’s Your Excuse” meme and story. I took an objective view and basically talked about how I saw the picture a year ago, how it is just a picture and honestly it should not have blown up to what it has become.

But yesterday I read the “non-apology” a few times. I saw a few interviews with Maria.  And then I saw this on CNN.

And I am now embarrassed that I did not do that before I wrote anything. Because this is something I should talk about.

This is much more than a “fitspo”.

First off the words “bullying” and “haters” should not be used in this situation at all. A “hater” is someone who tries to find flaws when someone is proud of something. Very few people are finding flaws in her accomplishments. Maria posted the question. She used the dumb “fitspo” phrase. She is basically telling others that people are making excuses, but she is not. No one is bullying her as well. If you go to a bar and call someone a name and then they call you names back, that is not bullying. If you start a fire, be accountable for the damage.

Second, who is skirting around the “obesity epidemic”. Actually, what is the “obesity epidemic”? I will tell you. It is a money maker. It is where companies will sell people dreams, five star diamond generals will sell people systems and doctors will put the fear in everyone. When I was over 400 pounds, not many people were my size. They have closed down every big and tall store around me because business is bad. When I went to the hospital, I saw very few obese people. People need to take care of their health, but it is insulting to others to say everyone is ignoring their health.

Third, because Maria can do something does not mean everyone else can. I hate when people say that. Everyone can be healthy. Everyone can run a marathon. Everyone can achieve their dreams. Everyone can do some things. But everyone cannot do what I do. Everyone cannot do what you do. That is such an elitist view.

But I am mad at myself. This really has nothing to do with Maria or anyone else. This has to do with me and sharing my opinion. The opinion I should have shared earlier this week.

Weight loss takes courage, not fear. I truly feel that people know they have time to workout. But who wants to go somewhere that they feel they will be ridiculed? Who wants to weigh more than 350 pounds and order a salad when the cashier might laugh? Who wants to lose 100 pounds only to find a ton of loose skin? Who wants to lose 200 pounds only to have their skin sag over their arms?

I did.

But people confuse excuses with life. Losing a child in 2011 and gaining over 80 pounds is not an excuse. Being over 400 pounds for over 10 years is not an excuse. Working out for two hours a day and eating cleaner than most people today is not an excuse…

It is life. My life. Everyone has one. Everyone is accountable for theirs.

And honestly this situation is not helping anyone. It is only dividing people. People will read this and either hate it or love it. There will be no one who reads it and goes “Ehhh…”

And I agree that Maria is not a bully or a bad mom. I do agree that people should not downplay her accomplishments. I agree that she has  helped people and I agree that she deserves the attention she is getting.

But the “non-apology” and interviews are condescending and downplaying others.


Today I went to one of my son’s performances at his school. I was able to sit on the floor next to him. I could not do that five years ago. I struggle and I am still weak, but I refuse to ever be 400 pounds again. I learned a while back obesity is only solved in the mirror. And it takes more courage and determination than fats, carbs and protein.

This is for my readers. I do not want them to ever think that I agree with Maria’s thought process.

Because I will agree that Maria is in incredible shape.

But being healthy is a whole other story.

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