When I was a chef I would work over 65 hours a week as a chef. I would come in an hour early every day and do what ever paperwork I needed to do. I would research issues we had with costs, and I would coach and develop the other kitchen employees. There were no early days for me, my wife understood. I worked in restaurants before we met.

I would come in on my days off. In fact, I once got in trouble from my boss because of it. He told me that if I come in on a day off again he would fire me. He was not joking around. He said that I needed to learn to balance my home and work life.

I was also 420 pounds. Size 60 pants. Size 5XL shirt.

I would snack all day long. You do not get to be over 400 pounds by having an extra dessert or a trip to the buffet once in a while. People would see me eating all day long. It was hard not to, I consumed over 10,000 calories a day.

I took longer to walk to places in the kitchen. People would say I walked like a penguin because of my wobble. I needed to sit down more than most people. I paid people to move my car closer so I did not have to walk after work. I sweat all the time, even in the walk-in cooler. I was always out of breath.

Because of all of this, I was considered lazy.

So after losing over 200 pounds and being in the best shape of my life now I can tell you one thing…

Overweight people are not lazy.

I hear it all the time. I have never been lazy.

I have always had a certain drive.

Sure, there were times when I did not believe in myself.
Sure, there were times when I wanted to take the easier way out only to get lost.
Sure, there were times when I wanted to just sit there and do nothing
Sure, there were times when I wanted to give up.

Lazy though? No, not me.

Yet I was always considered lazy. I was dumb. Smart people are not fat is what I heard. They know when to stop eating. They know when they are full. Losing weight is soooooo easy. Just eat less. That is it!

People would laugh when I would wobble to work. They would snicker when I needed to go and rest after cooking for 30 minutes. People just felt like I never gave forth the effort in life. Because of my weight.

People thought a lot of things.

So I did believe that I was lazy. Perception is reality. I would work harder. I would come in earlier. I would do whatever I needed to do at work so people would not consider me lazy.

But I ate. I did not work out. I was overweight. And unfortunately, I was branded lazy because of it.

After losing weight people marveled at my accomplishments. Although in some aspects I am different, I am also very much the same. I still have that drive. I still have passion for work. I do know how to balance my work and family life.

People listen to what I have to say now.

They should have listened before. I am the same….just smaller.

There are overweight people who are lazy, just like there are skinny people who are lazy. There are skinny people who have “great personalities” and there are overweight people who are mean to the bone. There are overweight people who are beautiful and skinny people who are not so attractive.

I know now I was never lazy.

I just ate a ton of food and did not work out. And for that…I was obese not lazy.

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