There is a post out called “21 Really Annoying Facebook Friends We All Have”. It is pretty funny because if you read it, either you feel guilty because you are one of them or you know people who possess those Facebook qualities. But everyone can relate to at least one person. I have qualities of 18 of those friends.

But they forgot one annoying friend. It is considered the most annoying friend on Facebook, especially if you run a page. I have lost numerous friends because of it. I have been ridiculed in comments because of it.

I also helped make an eight year old’s letter go viral because of it…

22. The “ Please Like/Share This Post” Friend

On September 14th I received a Facebook message from a woman named Karen Suffern. Her son, Ryan, wrote a letter to Santa. He was willing to give up every toy this year for his sister, Amber, who was bullied at school.

I read the message 4 times. I have received numerous messages before. None like this. Karen never wrote on my page before. She was a “silent reader”. Yet, she found the courage to write me and try to get her story out.

I asked her for a copy of the letter. She sent it to me instantly. It was perfect.

I promised her I would do everything I could to get it viral. I have never had anything come close to viral. I have gotten likes. I have gotten shares. Viral is something different.

So I took the picture of the letter and a picture of her kids. The picture came out great. I did not post this on my Facebook page. It would not have gotten far. The humor of viral is that people think viral works like this…

1. Post on Facebook
2. Viral

Not really. Viral takes numerous people, a great story that people find a part of themselves in, and something they are proud to share.

Instead I wrote an iReport. I have had luck with them in the past. It is the only major news station I have ever gotten a response from.

If you get enough view on a post they will at least look at it. If it interests them, they will call you and verify the story. If it is really good then they will consider posting on CNN.

I wrote it and then posted the iReport on my page. I asked for likes and shares. I did not assume. I said please like and share this post. I wanted CNN to see the story. I wanted them to feel the passion I felt. I got some comments telling me I was narcissistic. I lost a few readers for it, like I always do when I ask for “likes and shares”. It does not matter, I believed in this story.

I was able to get it to be the most shared story in the last 24 hours on Saturday. CNN called me the next day.  They verified the story. They interviewed Karen.

Monday September 16th CNN ran the story. It was picked up by a lot of local news stations, which helped get the story out.

Tuesday September 17th every morning show wanted the exclusive on Karen.

Wednesday September 18th the story was viewed by over two million people and in sixty countries.

Friday September 20th Karen and her family were on Good Morning America and they got to meet Big Time Rush, Amber’s favorite band.

I am proud and glad to be a part of this story. It is an amazing story and so many people are involved.

I am also proud that I was able to help get it to go viral…

And I did it by being the annoying “Like/Share” guy.

And I will do it again and again when I believe in a story.  And I do not think you will be disappointed clicking on this link.

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