Today I weigh less than I have in twenty years. I eat cleaner than most people out there. I have worked hard to gain muscle. I workout six to seven days a week…

But my success story has a lot of bumps in it. I had to fail in order to succeed. I had to fall to know that I am a success to myself and my family.


In 2008 I was over 400 pounds. My wife and I wanted to stat a family so I knew I needed to lose weight. I joined Weight Watchers and started my journey.

I started to lose weight. I got tired of the WW diet so I switched it up a few times. I changed it to a pretty clean diet. I still had my “treats” here and there, but I learned more about food.



I lost 221 pounds in a year. At the time there was not a Biggest Loser contestant who did the same. Not many people I knew lost over 200 pounds. I did it without any pills. I did it without surgery. I did it by counting calories, then changing the way I ate, then mixing both together. I did it by being more active.

See, losing weight is not new for me. When I was 14 I lost over 50 pounds. The reason I did is because someone at school was making fun of me and I made a deal with him…

“If I lose 50 pounds will you not make fun of me anymore?”

He agreed. I lost the weight. He never made fun of me again.

That is the way I am. When someone doubts me I work harder. When someone says I cannot do something, I die trying to prove them wrong.

I lost 80 pounds before I met my wife. She had no idea how much food I could eat. She did not know that I would be over 400 pounds for most of our marriage.

But this time was different, right? I learned my lesson. I know losing weight is not easy. I know that keeping it off is ridiculously hard. I was up for the challenge. I had a son and I would not gain because of him. I lost over 200 pounds! I was featured in CNN and AOL. I was a finalist to be on the Dr. Oz 100th Anniversary show. I declined interviews on my weight loss. This time was going to be the one…

Then tragedy hit.



Then I gained 75 pounds.

You never think it will happen to you. After you lose the weight you truly feel like you are the one that the “weight loss hurricane” will skip. But my eating got out of control. It started it a Fiber One bar. You know those “80 calorie” ones? Then a couple. Then a few. Then I would eat pizza, something I did not eat for a while. Then I would eat 8000 calories a day. Not many people knew I was eating like this. I never ate like that in font of other people. It never made me feel better but was the only cure for sadness. I would promise myself once again that tomorrow would be better.

It always upset me when they would show obese people on television eating non stop at the buffet or pigging out on cake. I ate like that, but never in front of others.

But I kept working out. If I did not I would have been well over 400 pounds. I ate poorly for close to 10 months. I did not want to face the scale. The scale I worked so hard to give me three digits.

And then one day I went on the scale and it said 272 pounds.

Here is the problem with that. When I was over 400 pounds I could not function. I had to lose the weight. There really was no option for me. Lose weight or die.

When I was 272 pounds I could function. I could still wipe myself and I could buckle a seat-belt. I could fit in most booths. I could still buy clothes at normal stores although the waist started with a 4.

That was not the point. I was not okay. I was trying to fix something with food. I always tried to fix things with food. I was not 272 pounds. I was on the verge of being over 400 pounds. I was going to be a “could have been” story.

Then something changed. Maybe it was the fact my son was more alert and I saw so much of myself in him. Maybe it was because I saw that I had some sort of writing talent that was in my family. Maybe I saw that I was a leader although so many other people told me I was not.

And I woke up and decided to completely change the way I ate for the rest of my life.

I eat specific foods. If you ask me do I eat _______, 99% of the time I will tell you no.

But I am not one to talk about food plans or workout regimens. Everyone is different and I truly believe there is no wrong way to lose weight, just the way that is best for you.

What I am talking about is that I realized I was worth it. I do not want to be obese again. I do not want to be a statistic. I want to be there for my wife and kids. And I have to make sacrifices. I have to want this. More than anything else.

I do. And now I want to talk about it.

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