Once you lose weight, you want to help others. You want to basically guide people in the direction you are or have gone.

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds sometimes. Advice can be condescending at times. You tell it to people who do not want to hear it. Then you give the wrong advice to some people who want to only hear one thing.

Sometimes you realize it is the same advice you hear anywhere. The “there is no secret in weight loss” really comes into play.

I have written about it before.

People ask me about what I eat, how I work out, etc. If it would help people with weight loss, I would post it, but I do not think it would. I eat fruits vegetables and lean meats. I workout close to two hours a day. That is not going to be 99.9% of the population and THANK GOD it is not the only way to lose weight!

It is not scientific, just basic.

To me, weight loss is not about what you put in your mouth. It can be, but so many people fall when they are not mentally ready.

No two people lose weight the exact same way.

Everybody is different. Some want the occasional “treat”, some are “hardcore clean eaters”. Some love the gym, some do Zumba at home.

I do think it is unfair sometimes that I do not give advice that others have not heard.

Side note- To say you are a weight loss expert is to say you are “The master of the Slot Machine”. Just because you hit a jackpot does not mean you can do it every time or help others win a jackpot. I am no master, just someone who stuck with the same program for five years.

The one piece of advice that I can give, which might sound weird from me although it shouldn’t, is this:

A loss is a loss, and do not ever get discouraged that you “Only lost __________”

It is weird because I lost 221 pounds in a year, 173 of it in six months.

My best weeks were not the weeks where I lost 7-10 pounds. The best ones were the ones I lost .6-2 pounds.

Why? Because in those weeks, I realized I can do this for the rest of my life.

I know the feeling though, you work so hard all week. You have read blog after blog about people who have put out 5-10 pound losses. You watch “The Biggest Loser” where you see huge losses.
You get on the scale and you “Only lost one pound!”

You question the way you eat.
You question if this is worth it.
You question your program that has worked for so many weeks.

Realistically, losing a pound is awesome.

You are close to maintaining, which is the hardest part of weight loss. You dropped a pound, and you have done everything right.

In life, people do not get turned down for dates because they weighed 212 instead of 209. No one lost a promotion at work because they were 201 instead of 199. Yet, every week, those numbers destroy our mentality. Sure there is a difference from 400 to 200 pounds, but why do we sweat the small stuff?

This is where people start to fall. This is where I have failed for so long. I never looked at the big picture.

When your mentality is destroyed, your mind wonders.

You look at the calories you consume and lower them. You look at other diets and try them out. You get confused at the gym, and try so many programs.

Yet, you lost a pound!

You succeeded but feel like a failure. Everyone else is doing the right thing except for you.

I do not like the term “Shake it up” in weight loss.

When people say that, it means they are going to try anything to lose “more” weight.

Maybe you are different, I am not.

So be proud of those losses. No matter how small.

If I would have realized a one pound loss is better than a 250 pound gain, I would have been successful years ago.

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